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Champions League 360 - Real Salt Lake - The Finals part II

Yes it is match day and I can think of few ways better to kick off the day than to take a few minutes to once again enjoy the incredible work done by MLS videographer Scott (@3dimes) Riddell who has done such a great job letting fans see what goes on behind the scenes as RSL has prepared for all their Champions League matches this year. I can't thank him, the league, or RSL enough for these videos that have made this journey all the more enjoyable for fans.

I don't how many teams would be willing to give this level of access to their staff and players before such big matches but I am thankful that Real Salt Lake did, this is simply amazing footage and it is done in such a professional and high quality manner that I echo comments I have heard others make about this series being made into a dvd, or even having Scott put together a longer feature about RSL. Heck the work he did in Portland for their home opener and other projects lets me know that all MLS fans should be expecting some great videos from the league this year.