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Champions League 360 - Real Salt Lake - The Finals Part 4

Well starting on Thursday of last week Scott (@3dimes) Riddell was a busy man, first he was part of the RSL return to Salt Lake City, then he was off to Colorado for the Friday night match, and then he was back in Salt Lake Saturday morning for 11 am practice down at Xango field.  This kid never sleeps.  So this part of the fantastic Champions League 360 is focused on the return home of the team and their preparation for the second leg of the final, after a huge 2-2 draw in Monterrey on Wednesday night.

I love that it includes the many fans who showed up to welcome the team home from Mexico (over 100 at the airport and 80 plus more watching it online).  So enjoy this look behind the scenes of RSL:

I think this video shows what so many have talked about, the family nature of this team.  These guys are more than just a team, and they truly have each others back on and off the pitch.  You have to admit the clips from the easter egg hunt at Nick Rimando's house are classic. Thanks again to MLS for lending the skills of Scott to this project.