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So much at stake for Real Salt Lake, what can the fans do to help

I am so very proud of RSL and their fans, the way they have both shown up in the Champions league should help other teams have some ammo as they attempt to maintain the momentum started this year by RSL. For the last week we have been hearing some big words about the match on Wednesday:

Michael C. Lewis tweeted:

Owner Dave Checketts says #RSL must play its best game to beat Monterrey in Champions League. "We're playing the varsity, now," he said.

today on KALL700 Alexi Lalas said:

"Believe me, I will be out on my back porch screaming if we, yes I said if WE, get the needed result on Wed."

Kyle Martino said the following in talking with Michael C. Lewis:

If RSL wins the tournament, "it's the biggest accomplishment that Major League Soccer has ever seen."

RSL GM Garth Lagerwey said:

It's American soccer's "Lake Placid Moment."

So I have no idea why or who created this but on the local dish network site you can find a very cool RSL CCL infographic

So yes all around the league people are talking about how big this match is but what can you as fans do to help the team? Check out the answer after the jump:

Now the team understands how important it is to keep the fans engaged for this match and this weekend when I asked RSL head coach Jason Kreis what the fans could do to help the team out, his response was a bit of a surprise to me, but if you think about it for a minute it is exactly what I should have expected from him. He first thanked the fans and acknowledged the role that their support has meant so much to him and the players, he then a huge observation about the match. He said playing this match at home in front of "our" fans was a way that the team and players could say "thank you" to the fans, it isn't often a team is able to play for a huge trophy in front of their home fans and that the team had a chance to pay back all that the fans have done and given to the team. That my friends, is one of the things that makes Jason and this team special.

Now beyond on that Jason did make a couple requests of the fans, he asked that we show up early for the match. He mentioned how the crowd for the LA match was there early and how that energy in the stadium was so electric, and then how the team was able to feed off of that and get off to a great start. We saw it, two goals in the first 10 minutes of the match and it simply took the wind out of the LA Galaxy. So will you as fans answer the request by showing up early, I know there would be nothing better than to have 15,000 people in their seats 30 minutes before the start of the match to cheer our boys on while they warm up. Flags waving, scarves being held up high and 20,000 people all in Red (Claret for you BYU people who have issues with red)

How serious is the red out?  Here is what @bommadog (Andy Williams) said on twitter today:

If you are not wearing RED for the CCL Finals on Wednesday you will NOT be allowed in the RioT, I repeat NOT be allowed in. #Fashionpolice


that thought is echoed by @wingert17 (Chris Wingert):

sounds like we're going for the RED OUT on wednesday, so make sure you dress accordingly if you're coming to the game!


If you want to get ready for the match you can study up or even print off some of the many chants the supporters in the South Supporters section use, thanks for collecting and posting these to Salt City United

OK, folks that is it for tonight.  Tomorrow there will be a lot of posts going on as I will be out at RSL practice, then doing a couple interviews, and bringing it all to you both here on on Twitter (@rslsoapbox) using the #RU4RSL hashtag.