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Champions League 360 - Real Salt Lake - The Finals Part 5

Well today is the day, months of matches and preparation all will come to a head at 8pm MT when Real Salt Lake will take the pitch at Rio Tinto Stadium for the 2nd leg of the CONCACAF Champions League finals against Monterrey. The matches they have played this year have had a special twist to them as Major League Soccer has lent the very talented Scott (@3dimes) Riddell to document the journey with a unique look behind the scenes of the matches and how the team prepares and recovers from them. For fans it simply allows them to see a lot of things that they would normally never be exposed to and I believe it has helped create even a tighter bond between the RSL players, coaches, and staff and the fans, a relationship that already was a special one has only become better.

So here is part 5 of the Finals:

If you aren't a RSL fan but follow another MLS team, I urge you to ask your PR department to contact the league about getting you club on the list to have Scott come out and do some work with your team, it really is great to see the end results. Purely good stuff, again huge thanks to MLS for lending him to us, and Scott you really are the man.