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Real Salt Lake vs. Monterrey - CONCACAF Champions League Final - Match Thread

OK folks here is the match thread I have started, I will be doing updates as I get them when I am down at the stadium, things like lineups and any last minute breaking news.  If you want to add your thoughts or comments during the match, feel free to use the comments section.

Well the gates are open at Rio Tinto and the weather is great right now, it will cool down as the sun continue to set. I was happy to see a good number of folks already here, and a lot of people still looking for tickets.   By the look of things a good number of people found something red to wear, there is a spattering of Monterrey fans around the stadium, but no large groups.

I hear the RSL supporter groups coming into the stadium a full hour before the match, a rare event.   I am still waiting on lineups to be released.

RSL- Rimando, Russell, Olave, Borchers, Wingert, Williams, Grabavoy, Morales, Johnson, Espindola, Saborio

bench-Beltran, Alvarez, Alexandre, Paulor Jr, Reynish, Warner, Schuler

Monterrey- Orozco, Osorio, Morales, Martinez, Santana, Basanta, Cardoza, Ayovi, Meir, Perez, Suazo.