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Real Salt Lake - Champions League 360 the Semis Part 3

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Well you have loved them since the start, and now it is time for another chapter of Champions League 360, as you get a look behind the scenes as Real Salt Lake prepares for the 2nd leg of their Semifinal matchup with Saprissa, this time on their home pitch in Costa Rica.

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I would like to thank Major League Soccer for sharing the skills of @3dimes who is the genius behind these incredible videos.

If you are a fan of Major League Soccer, or just a fan of soccer in the US, then you should be watching and cheering on Tuesday night (8pm MT on Fox Soccer Channel) for RSL. Success in the Champions League will gain a lot of attention for the club, and making it to the final to face off against one of the top teams in Mexico will bring more eyes and respect for MLS. This is the type of tournament that can not only lift a team to new levels of exposure but will cause fans and players around the world to take notice of the improvements made in MLS and that will help the league continue to grow both in prestige and quality of play.