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Champions League 360 - Real Salt Lake - The Finals Part 6

Well it has been a couple days since the loss to Monterrey, the boys of Real Salt Lake are in Portland for their return to MLS action, but that final day is captured by Scott (@3dimes) Riddell who provided us with such a great record of the historic journey of RSL in Champions League play.

I think these videos will have a value far beyond what the original intent was, I believe these videos have not only shown us the behind the scenes things that so many fans would never get to see, but I believe they have shown RSL fans what our team is about. The family, the work, the little things that I believe make RSL a special team, these things that make the bonds between fans and players tighter than ever before. Here is the final part of Champions League 360:

I want to thank the league for lending us the talented Scott, I want to thank the RSL staff and players for opening up their days, their homes, and their hearts to let the fans see what goes into moments like Wednesday night. The final result didn't go our way, but in soccer things rarely do, I believe that for RSL the best is yet to come.