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Real Salt Lake - Champions League 360 the Semis - Part 5

OK, if you have missed out on these incredible videos the last couple months, well you are missing out on an great chance to see what goes on behind the scenes and off the pitch for RSL's staff and players as they have deal with the quarterfinals and semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League.

This is a look at what you didn't see on Fox Soccer Channel yesterday:

I would like to thank Scott for the journey he has allowed the fans to take via his videos, to be part of this historic run by Real Salt Lake in the Champions league. If you want to follow him on twitter he is: @3dimes.

I can only hope that Scott, RSL and MLS can find a way to continue this great work though the finals and I would highly recommend that MLS find a way to allow him to spend time with each team this year doing this kind of work for at least a match, it is something I believe fans around the league and world will enjoy as much as I know the RSL fans have.