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Marcos Mondaini to get 3 match and $1,250 fine for tackle on Javier Morales

It is being reported by @espn700 that the MLS Disciplinary Committee will hand out a 3 match suspension and a $1,250 fine for Marcos Mondaini's vicious tackle on Javier Morales that will cost Javi the rest of the 2011 season.  

The more I think about it the more I am OK with this punishment for a couple of reasons, yes it was an awful tackle, it was from behind and with no chance at the ball and it was clearly meant to break up the offensive opportunity that Javier had created.  A lot of people are trying to compare it to the tackle by Brian Mullan that took out Seattle's Steve Zakuani, but I think they are very different things.

Brian Mullan had just gone down on a challenge from Zakuani and didn't get the call, when he got up you could see him lining up his tackle on Zakuani.  Then add in that the challenge was when the play was in the Colorado half of the pitch and wasn't part of a real offensive opportunity, Steve was just starting to move forward with the ball.  Now I don't believe that Mullan meant to break his leg, but he clearly was intent on sending a message to the Sounders, very early in a match.

Marcos is a forward who was trying to help his teams defensive effort as they were down a man, he had just gotten beat by a run that Javier had made and as Javi was lining up to take a shot on goal, he tackled him from behind to stop the shot and break up the play.  That is a very different situation, now I don't believe that Mondaini was trying to hurt or break the leg of Javier Morales, he was trying to protect his team from an offensive opportunity.

I would have liked to see that suspension be the original rumor of 5 additional matches, as now at just 3 it seems a bit lite.  I do think the fine is OK, Brian Mullan paid $5,000 but makes almost $200K a year, while $1,250 is a lot of money to a guy who makes just $42K a year.

what do you think?