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Real Salt Lake @ FC Dallas - 3 questions plus

Well I was able to track down Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer who took some time out of his busy week (the guy is getting married this weekend and still wanted to talk soccer) to do the exchange of three questions with me.  So here are the questions I asked him:

1) With the injury to David Ferreira many people thought that it would really kill the season for FC Dallas given the huge contributions he makes, but the opposite has been true as the team has rallied and has 13 points from their last 5 matches (best in MLS), how has that happened?

A) It's pretty simple really, if you don't allow goals you're not going to lose games. In the 4 ½ games since Ferreira was injured, Dallas has allowed just one goal, an equalizer in the Los Angeles game. A ton of credit has to go to Daniel Hernandez who is playing at an MLS Best XI level right now in defensive midfield. Paired with Andrew Jacobson in the midfield, Hernandez and AJ have shut down everything through the middle of the park to majorly limit the oppositions chances. Also, George John and Ugo Ihemelu are finally back to near 100% health and they've show the 2010 form in which they were likely the best center back tandem in the league. Right now, much like RSL, it's all about the defense for these guys

the other two question, plus a bonus after the jump:

2) Last week FCD became the first team to score multiple goals against the Philadelphia Union this year, and both involved newcomer Fabian Castillo (1 goal, 1 assist) how has he changed the offensive style of Dallas?

A) Fabian has been a huge part of things, there's no doubt. Being 18 years old, you see a ton of inconsistency out of the kid and poor soccer IQ as he'll take on three defenders rather than passing to the open man, but when it works, Castillo looks like one of the best attacking players in the league. RSL fans need to watch Castillo's play on the first goal against Philly last weekend, it was a thing of beauty. The way Dallas attacks offensively right now is on the counter as they're struggling to keep the lion's share of possession. Jacobson and Hernandez look to snuff out everything in the midfield and get the ball to the attacking trio of Brek Shea, Fabian Castillo and Marvin Chavez as quickly as possible to let them go off to the races.

3) Brek Shea appears to have really found his niche with the team either on defense or in the midfield, and found the back of the net 3 times to lead the team.  Where is he the most effective for the style that Dallas is playing?

A) Yeah, Shea is playing fantastically well right now. Dallas is 4-0-0 in games that Brek Shea starts at the attacking left wing position and he'll be back there on Sunday. As I said in the last question, Brek(left side), Castillo(Center) and Marvin Chavez(Right side) are the attacking trio for FCD and they'll look to play off each other to try and break down RSL. They can get rushed and lose the ball trying to do too many little flicks and tricks, but as we saw against Philly, when it comes off it's special.

4) Bonus Question - If you could pick one player from the RSL roster to add to the FC Dallas roster, who would it be and why?

A) I would probably say Alvaro Saborio. While the RSL defense is spectacular, Dallas has a pretty sick back four of their own. I can't say Kyle Beckerman because I just hate the guy. What Dallas needs right now is a pure finisher up top and Saborio is the closest thing RSL has. Saborio or Espindola definitely.

Well there you go, this edition of 3 questions plus.  I am sure that Daniel will have my answers to his questions posted soon on Big D Soccer, so keep your eyes open for that and if you want to read what Drew (of Big D Soccer and WV Hooligan fame) thinks about RSL checkout out this scouting report he recently did.