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Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas - match thread

OK it is time for the match, and for Real Salt Lake it is time to break out of their offensive funk and out of their Dallas funk at the same time.  RSL has just a single goal in their last 4 matches, and clearly the team will need to continue their great defensive efforts but that becomes easier to do if the offense gets back to firing on all cylinders as well.

Here are your starting lineup:

Real Salt Lake: Nick Rimando, Tony Beltran, Jamison Olave, Nat Borchers, Chris Wingert, Ned Grabavoy, Kyle Beckerman, Andy Williams, Will Johnson, Arturo Alvarez, Alvaro Saborio.

RSL Bench: Kyle Reynish, Robbie Russell, Chris Schuler, Jean Alexandre, Collen Warner, Nelson Gonzalez, and Fabian Espindola

FC Dallas: Kevin Hartman, Jackson Goncalves, George John, Ugo Ihemelu, Zach Loyd, Eric Alexandre, Daniel Hernandez, Brek Shea, Andrew Jacobson, Mavin Chavez, Fabian Castillo

FCD Bench:  Chris Seitz, Avila. Guarda, M. Hernandez, Luna, Villar, Warshaw

The RSL lineup is a bit more aggressive on defense with the choice of Tony Beltran over Robbie Russell, a bit more speed over size which is interesting and will hopefully allow RSL to match countering ability with FC Dallas.

OK kick off is soon and I will try to do some in match updates:

RSL will need to play more in control their first touches are looking a bit rough and you see the speed and skill that FC Dallas has when counter attacking, gonna have to play much smarter than the first 10 minutes if we are going to want that first ever result in Dallas.

Wow, you can tell that both of these teams are clearly going for the win, there is no bunker mentality with these two teams tonight and that means it will be one of those nights that has you cheering and cursing minute by minute. Both teams have done well at getting bodies in the area, both teams have shown they are willing to take shots and this one may come down to the abilities of the keepers to make some big saves.  Have a feeling this is going to be a crazy 90 minutes.

A great ball into the area by Will Johnson, after some good collective effort by RSL but the header that finds the back of the net is whistled for another offside call.  FCD come back down the pitch and it is a monster save by Rimando that helps keep this one 0-0 in the 25th minutes.  No goals but logs of action in this match, just what I expected a shame so few people in Dallas are checking it out live tonight, we had more people at Rio Tinto for rugby last night.

Well a couple of great balls into the area by Tony Beltran, but nobody has been able to get on the end of them, RSL clearly have the better of possession but have to convert it into chances and goals, they are looking more comfortable with the ball.  RSL is testing the the Dallas defense and the more time we spend with the ball in the Dallas half the better.

Not a horrible first half on the road as RSL has been the dominant team but FC Dallas have countered well and it has been exactly what RSL needed, solid, aggressive, and with RSL controlling the possession and pace of the match.  0-0 is not a bad scoreline for a first half on the road, hopefully RSL will be able to take advantage of one of the balls delivered into the area and get a goal.  Should be an interesting second half.

Well the first 15 minutes of the second half has been good for FC Dallas much more than for RSL, who like last week are showing a bit of a lack of energy and focus, have to believe that we will soon see the likes of either Collen Warner or Nelson Gonzalez to enter the midfield for Ned Grabavoy and maybe Fabian Espindola for Arturo Alvarez soon.

Well this match is still 0-0 in the 78th minute and it is getting a little bit more physical than it was earlier, both sides have had some chances but neither side has taken advantage of them yet   RSL has made one move by brining in Warner for Williams, but have to believe they need to use their others if they are going to go for the win, FC Dallas has made two moves so far one a bit more possession oriented and one a bit more creative.  The last 10 minutes of this match could be the difference maker as both teams are showing some fatigue, have to believe fresh legs might be the difference in how this ends.

Well a weather stoppage in Dallas and they jump to the middle of some cheesy program, ah you have to love local programming.

I nice long weather delay, but this time FC Dallas can't convert for a goal despite the better of play after the delay. I understand after the delay going for the draw and coming away with the first point ever in Dallas.  Victory Gold has turned into Draw Gold, but a point on the road is a point and while this 0-0 result continues to shine a light on the issues that RSL has putting the ball in the back of the net (while remaining onside).

RSL will end the month at home as the Seattle Sounders come to town on Saturday night to kick off Memorial Day weekend.