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Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders - 3 questions

Well thanks to the help of Dave Clark from Sounderatheart we have a great round of 3 questions about the upcoming match between RSL and the Sounders:

1) The Sounders lost both Steve Zakuani and O' Brian White for an extended period of time, they have also had a number of other injuries that have impacted their lineups almost weekly.  With just 3 healthy players who have scored goals this year (Montero, Fernandez, and Parke) who can we expect to see leading the offense efforts on Saturday? 

A) Well, I don't think that just because Mauro Rosales, Mike Fucito nor Nate Jaqua don't have goals yet this season it means that they can't score in future matches. Each brings different attributes to the game and should provided chances for the team. With #TheTrialist (Rosales) you'll see a player who is fast with the ball at his feet, can beat a man or two on the dribble and then put in a cross or shot from tight angles. Fucito will shoot when no one thinks there is an opening using his speed and tenacity to find spaces and is 6th on the team in shots on goal in only 140 minutes. Jaqua is what he is, a big player who pulls a centerback where ever he goes, a capable poacher, skillful short passer and able to get a head on things. 

Today after practice Sigi said that Brad Evans will definately be in the 18, and possibly start. Evans offers generally safe passes, some of the best late runs in the league and can put away the penalty.    

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2) With just a single win in their last 5 matches, what happened? 

A) You kind of hinted at it in the first question in that Seattle's offense has suffered the loss of the following attacking players at some point during the season - Zakuani, White, Montero, Jaqua, Fucito, Evans, Rosales, and Friberg. While the Sounders were regarded as being pretty deep, not many teams could go through significant stretches where at least half of those players are effected at a time and still produce. Sigi is still trying to figure out how to open the scoring gates through various tactics, formations, and lineups. It isn't working, as players are learning on the go, rather than through training. Case in point was the pairing of Fucito with Montero against Dallas, those two just haven't worked together in training.

3) The Sounders clearly have some of the deeper pockets in MLS, what moves do you think they will make this summer to improve the team?  Will it be a big name like Ljungberg, a smaller name with bigger on field potential, or will they look to make due with what they have? 

A) Adrian Hanauer and Chris Henderson will scour the world looking for the best player not just for this season, but for at least next as well. For the most part this is actually a young team, and with Joe Roth targeting continental greatness the club won't look for a short term fix. It could be a huge signing like a Diego Forlan or Didier Drogba (Seattle can match any contract they are offered anywhere), but it could also be a relative unknown like a Montero or Alvaro Fernandez. In addition to adding an expected DP they will add one or two smaller contract players to fill needs at fullback and on the wing. The offseason will see a new keeper added too.

Bonus Question) If you could take one player from the RSL roster and add them to the Sounders roster who would it be and why?

A) Kyle Beckerman if Seattle didn't already have a very capable defensive mid. To me he's the engine of the team. He wins balls and links to the attacking players quite well. But since Seattle has no need there I would probably take Collen Warner. There is a need here for what he can do right now. His ability to serve the ball on set-plays is strong and his role flexibility as an attacking midfielder would help Seattle's current issues right now.    

There you go a couple of great answers from Dave, I really am expecting this to be a good match, both teams have been in a bit of a funk lately and will need a good match to come out of it and get a win.  You will be able to see my answers to his questions later on Sounder at Heart.