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Will Real Salt Lake fans show up "LOUD AND PROUD!!" on Saturday

Have you ever had a friend who was down in the dumps over something? How many of us would go out of our way to do whatever we could to help cheer them up? Well on Facebook a group of RSL fans are doing just that as they are working to help get others to join them in being "LOUD and PROUD?" on Saturday afternoon when the team will face Chivas USA at 2pm. Here are the details:

RSL had an amazing run in the concacaf this year, and they deserve our support and love. Lets fill the stadium on saturday and do it like we do! I propose we start clapping and shouting as loud as we can until we just can't clap anymore, once the first player steps on the pitch. We as a crowd can be the strongest man on the field with our support for our incredible team. As always please arrive at least 30 min early so we can be as loud as possible! Also streamers and confetti help make it that much more special! Please get in touch with me if you have any more suggestions!! RSLTID!!

So we all know what RSL fans are capable of, we saw last week this:

So can you? Will you do it again? We have been blessed by a team that has exceeded even the most hardcore fan's dreams and now it is our time to show them them that we are going to be behind them no matter what happens and it is time to start some new streaks on Saturday afternoon.