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2011 Upper Deck Soccer Cards - Available Now

So as a former card shop owner, and a raving RSL fan, I always love when the new soccer cards come out from Upper Deck.  They do a great job with them and this year appears to be no exception.  Now like most of their products there are a couple versions available, the most common is the retail version, or what you would see in stores like WalMart, Target or even at Dollar General.  

The usually will run you about a dollar a pack but if you would rather get a whole box of them, you can order them online from or  If this is your option I would suggest going right to Upper Deck and buying them a box of 36 packs will cost you $35.99 and each pack has 6 cards in it (216 cards in total) a full set includes:

175-MLS Regular Cards
12 WPS Regular Cards
10 MLS Super Draft 2010
3 WPS Super Draft

and in each retail box you will usually receive 1 premium card (either an autograph, jersey card, or something like that).

more info after the jump:

So RSL fans here are the players included in the base set:

  • Alvaro Saborio
  • Arturo Alvarez
  • Fabian Espindola
  • Javier Morales
  • Andy Williams
  • Jamison Olave
  • Robbie Russell
  • Kyle Beckerman
  • Nat Borchers
  • Ned Grabavoy
  • Nick Rimando
RSL also has a couple of guys who autographed some cards, Sabo, Fabi, Javi, Olave, Kyle and Nick.  Kyle is also featured on a couple of the jersey cards as well.

Now if you are really after some of those great autograph cards or jersey cards I would recommended finding them on ebay it will cost you a lot less than buying enough packs to find them all.  If you are a pack junkie like I am you may want to look for someone selling the hobby boxes of the product.  

This is the version made for card shops and not available at general retail chains.  The boxes have fewer packs 20, but each pack has 12 cards in it and these boxes also feature more of the premium card (an average of 5 per box). You can find the hobby boxes or packs at your favorite card shop (if you have one in your area) or online, I was able to find several offers on ebay, amazon and from some card shop websites.

If you want to see what the cards look like the best way is to check out this video from Becketts (the price guide people) who opened up a couple boxes and recorded what they found:

anyhow if you are a card junkie and a MLS fan, this is a very cool product.