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Was this the most entertaining week in MLS history?

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So I got to thinking about all the matches decided in the last minutes or stoppage time, the great goals by Hassli, Zusi, and others, the epic upset of FC Dallas by Sporting KC and I wonder if when you put it all together was this the most entertaining weekend in MLS history? There was only one 0-0 draw during week 13, that came on Thursday night as the Chicago Fire and Sporting KC both looked awful during the opening of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, then both teams pulled of upsets on the road on Sunday.

So let's take a look at Week 13

  • A new state of the art stadium opened in Kansas City
  • 11 MLS matches
    • Only 4 draws (0-0, 1-1, and 2-2 x2)
    • 32 goals scored in the 11 matches
    • 4 matches decided in last 5 minutes of match or stoppage time
    • 3 plays on ESPN's Top Plays
  • Eric Hassli's amazing goal
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  • Graham Zusi's half pitch shot
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To me this might just have been the most entertaining weekend in MLS history, it sure was the most entertaining I can think of. Do you have a better one?