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Real Salt Lake head coach Jason Kreis comments on cancelled match at Vancouver

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Once again I owe thanks to the good folks at RSL communications for getting us these quotes from Jason about today's situation:

Did you see the field and in your opinion was it at all playable or not? 

"The coaches did get to walk along the sideline, but not on the field because it was tarped over. In our opinion it was probably a pretty good decision; the grass was pretty long and there was water coming up every time we took a step." 

Do you believe Vancouver's friendly against Manchester City played a part in the decision? 

"I have no idea. We didn't have much communication with Vancouver's people on this or with MLS, so that's not my department." 

How does the decision to postpone sit with the club? 

"You do have to take into consideration the health and well-being of the players, so I'd have to say that this was the right call based on the amount of the field I was able to walk on." 

Were there grounds to call the match a forfeit? 

"I do think there is a leg to stand on for saying that it could be a forfeit because [Whitecaps FC] is responsible for providing a playing surface that we can play on. With decisions to play international friendlies could come some accountability for what that is going to mean for your league games."

I am still waiting to hear from English Lawns, the company that laid the grass surface at Empire Field and Paul Barber the CEO of the Whitecaps with some questions about the surface, the decision to lay the grass so close to the actual matches and other things but so far (2 hours in) I have not heard back from either of them.

I do believe that since the Whitecaps couldn't provide an acceptable pitch to be played on that they should be forced to forfeit the match.