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Real Salt Lake Fans, A couple chances to do the right thing and help out some good causes.

So there is one thing that I hear from almost everyone who comes to RSL games from other cities (except Colorado and Chivas USA) is that they are amazed how friendly the RSL fans are.  The other thing I know is that RSL fans have huge hearts for charities and have shown it time and time again, well we have another chance to help out.  I got a message from Deb Harper, who has the biggest heart on the planet, with this chance for RSL fans to support a great cause:

It is called Ride the Brainwave and it is at the Gallivan Center on August 6. You can form a team to walk for a certain person, or just to help 29 teams that are already registered to do either the 5K or motorcycle rally. Our team is called RSL FANS FOR KIDS and we will be walking just to help the children that they are supporting. There are some really sad cases. Ethan's Army will be there with Mater the Cars truck and we will be filling it with school supplies for children. We will also be doing a Bone Marrow Drive the same day from 11-3. Still looking for a match for Jonah. All the information is plastered on my page. These are some great people that have put this together and they will even have a beer garden that day! I really appreciate it! We need to get as many RSL Fans registered as possible.

You can find more information on their facebook page.

Now the second one is one that some of you will have a problem with, but I don't.  RSL fans have been on the receiving of their team getting bad calls and wrong cards this year and on Saturday we saw one of our players behave in a manner that many of us don't support.  The result of that was Bobby Burling getting a red card that he didn't deserve, and with that the player who makes just $42,000 a year will get a fine from MLS.  Some of the San Jose fans in the The Casbah are doing a fund raiser to help with that fine, and I can support that.  Here is the email I got about what they are doing:

So for Quakes fans that will be at the game on Saturday we will be hosting a raffle fundraiser for our players that are and will be fined because of the referee on Saturday. It will specifically be for Bobby Burling and Brad Ring since their suspension is directly related to bad calls. We will be raffling off shirts, hats, and even a Bush glove. We will also be setting up a paypal link very soon for anyone that wants to donate and can't make it to the game. We will be giving away Casbah shirts to the 1st 15 people that donate $20. I would be willing to ship them to Salt Lake if any RSL fans donate. I will also earmark for Burling and make sure that RSL fans get credit if they donate anything.

I actually flew out to Salt Lake for the game Saturday and had a great time. All of the fans were super nice and one even offered to buy me a beer after the pk. So I tip my hat to you guys and actually being decent fans unlike many others in the league.

Thanks for all your help in promoting this for us in Salt Lake.  I now have a paypal link up on our website where people can donate.

Thanks again for all your help,


I will be kicking in a couple bucks to support them in their efforts to show support for one of their players, something I think all of us can understand and respect.  If you want to kick in a couple bucks I think it would go a long way to show that we are among the best fans in the league, not only just for our team but for the sport and the league.  It of course is unlikely the league would let fans pay a player fine, so they will likely be donating the money to a local charity in Bobby's name.  I can support that.