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SB Nation iphone app coming soon

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Well last week I was able to download the new SB Nation iphone app, and I have to say that it could be a very handy way to avoid using the mobile sites and that given how the first edition of this is designed I can't wait to see what the future will hold for the app. It should be available in the next week or so via itunes for iOS4 and above, it is designed for the iphone and will allow for the (x2) function of the ipad as well.

So here is a quick little video that gives you the introduction to the app:

SBN demo from Mark on Vimeo.

So this will let you follow all the latest in sports via the Newsfeed, you can chose a Lineup of sports and leagues that you want to follow (this will influence but not completely control your Newsfeed), you can follow stories and that will allow you to quickly find stories that you chose to follow.

Now remember this is a first edition of the app and already the development team is looking at ways to improve the user experience. They are also working on a android version of the application, but I don't currently have a timeline for it.

Anyhow wanted to let you know this was coming and I will post a link to download it once the app is live in the itunes store.