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Real Salt Lake unveil their 2012 Home and Away Kits

So it is time for Real Salt Lake to get a refresh of their kits, at least new home and away versions, as there will be no new 3rd kit for the 2012 season and no more of the "Victory Gold" kits. This means you will be seeing a lot of the new kits:

(Kyle Beckerman)

It is a kinda unique design and I don't believe that any other MLS teams have a kit designed like this, and to be honest I actually like the design as it brings in a good dose of cobalt. Here is a better look at the jersey:

(Nat Borchers)

As you can see the blue goes down the right side of the jersey and is accented with yellow piping. The shorts are Claret with the RSL crest and 3 yellow Adidas stripes, I like the contrast of this kit and how it looks.

So what about the new road kit? Well more shots of the home kit and your first look at the away kit after the jump:

So a couple of the details of the home kit that I really like:

I find myself liking the bit of yellow (gold) that accents with the blue of the collar, I think it is a nice touch. I also like the RSL logo on the back of the neck of the jersey:

For those fans around in the early days this logo is very familiar and I think it pays some respect to the founding of the team.

So are you ready for the road kit? I thought you would be:

(Will Johnson)
As you can see it stays with the white main color again with the cobalt on the side and this time claret strips and yellow (gold) piping for the accents. Here is another picture of it:

(Chris Wingert)
As if Wingert didn't look like a bad ass before, he sure does in the new away jersey. The back of the away jersey will feature the crown logo just below the collar, similar to the current version of the jersey but this time in cobalt instead of claret:


So I have been a critic of some of the past designs and while I am sure there will be plenty of people who might take issue with these options, I am not one of them. I like the look and I believe it is unique to just RSL as far as MLS goes.

Here is the drawing version of both the home and away jerseys:


So what do you think about it?