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New "Believe" rendition debuted as playoffs enter picture

Ask Real Salt Lake supporters about the difference at Rio Tinto Stadium from last year, and you'll probably hear the words "believe" somewhere in there.

If you were to ask Real Salt Lake supporters what the biggest difference between 2011 and 2012 is when considering atmosphere at the Rio Tinto, the answer would probably include something about the "Believe" anthem.

Rancid drummer and noted Utah resident Branden Steineckert wrote the anthem at some point last year, and ahead of the 2012 campaign, he launched it to a widely positive response, and it quickly became associated with Real Salt Lake on a national scale, permeating U.S. soccer media.

It contrasts nicely with the most widely heard chant at Seattle's home base: the droning call and response "Seattle" — "Sounders."

Ahead of the first leg of the playoff semifinal against the Sounders, Steineckert and his cohorots have released a new, creepier version of the song. As expected, the cinematography is of a startlingly high quality, keeping in line with the first rendition of the song.

With Real Salt Lake inching toward a sellout crowd of 20,000-plus for Thursday's return leg at Rio Tinto Stadium — a solid 3,000 more than saw the home leg against Seattle in 2011 — it's hard to imagine this won't get a runout.

It's yet another example of the growing atmosphere Real Salt Lake fans are producing.