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Player Ratings, RSL v. Seattle

Resident player rater and mustache champion Randal Serr takes on the player ratings for the first leg of the Western Conference semifinals pitting RSL and Seattle against each other. Not quite a fight to the death, but there was a broken nose.


GK and Defense

Nick Rimando - 10 - I debated myself for a while on whether to give Rimando a 9.5 or a 10. At the end of the day, this was one of his best perfomances, if not his best performance ever and Real Salt Lake owes Nick for that clean sheet. At least three of his stops were next to impossible, yet somehow he did what he did, all with a serious injury to the face. Incredible game.

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - 8 - Kwame continues to impress me. I am convinced now that we got a real steal with this one. Filled in admirably once again and I never found myself missing Olave.

Nat Borchers - 6 - He said it himself, he could have done a bit better with some headers. I still think RSL is not the same without him on the pitch.

Tony Beltran - 7 - I was hoping that him and Tiffert would get into it again. Oh well, I think it is safe to say that Beltran held down his side of the field the whole game.

Chris Wingert - 7 - Something I have noticed about Wingert is that he is calm under pressure. He is consistent through the boos and the hostility at Seattle.

Jamison Olave (sub) - 6 - I am glad that Kreis did not play Olave on that horrible excuse for a soccer field at Century Link for 90 minutes as I was worried he would re-injure himself. Hopefully that clean 10 minutes he played will amount to a great performance in SLC.


Beckerman - 7.5 - Beckerman was Beckerman again last night. I am a little mad at him for the yellow card as that could cost us later.

Ned Grabavoy - 7.5 - I thought this was one of his best games all season and he was unlucky not to score.

Will Johnson - 6.5 - Had a good crack at it, but Gspuring (how do you say that anyways?) had a quick reaction save. He hustled and worked his heart out as per usual.

Javier Morales - 6 - I guess I do not think this was his best game, but I think that could be due to the turf. Who knows?

Yordany Alvarez (sub) - 5 - I did not really see anythiing that made me think this was one of Alvarez's better games, but really, it was only a few minutes.


Alvaro Saborio - 6 - That header should have been a goal, but it was a game of keepers. He looks to be in good form though, so I am not worried.

Fabian Espindola - 5.5 - I am still hoping that Espindola's form from a few games back returns. Not entirely his fault last night, to be sure.

Paulo Jr. (sub) - 5 - I keep expecting a little bit more from him, but I do not have any real complaints either. He held up the ball well. I just want goals right now. I think we all do.