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Kreis on Seattle match: Be ready for 90 or 120 minutes

Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis's post-training press interaction on Wednesday touched on absences, penalties, chances and more.

Otto Greule Jr
On whether the potential absences of Eddie Johnson and Mauro Rosales changes RSL's approach

"It doesn't a whole lot. I still think that Seattle is an extremely talented and dangerous team. They're obviously two good players, but I think that they have quality behind those players. Eddie, as we know, has been an extremely dangerous player for them this year. The number of times he gets in behind defenses and run at things, gets on the end of things, makes you know that you have to be aware of him, where he is all the time. Rosales is more of a provider. I think they have some other guys on their bench that can step in and do a real nice job there as well. We'll just prepare for everything and see what happens."

On Zakuani, Martinez and speed

"I think we've got to keep doing what we're doing. Of course, we're going to talk about what those players look like. We know Zakuani well enough, but we don't know Martinez that well, so we'll try to get our players educated and be prepared for every scenario that comes about. This time of year, there are just really no surprises."

On penalties, and if RSL has been practicing them

"Yeah, of course, we have. We always do this time of year. We spend at least a day or two days getting guys just ready so they can see what it looks like and feels like to be 12 yards from the goal with a free shot."

On crosses, and how they're dealt with

"We're prepared for it because almost every team play against does that. That is the space that we give. In every soccer system, there are going to be spaces that you allow teams to play in and spaces that you do not. For a few years now, we've had to deal with a lot of service into our box, and we think we have the right personnel to be capable of handling that kind of service."

On chance creation

"I thought we created a clear number of chances. Probably not as many clear-cut chances as I'd have liked to see. But we were in and around their box enough times that on a different field, perhaps with a little bit better roll or in front of our home fans or something goes right for us, then I think that we'll get that goal that we so desperately need right now."

On the first goal

"These two teams are both experienced and have played so many big games that I don't think the first goal holds as much weight as it does in a typical MLS season. When you're playing new teams and young teams with guys that haven't been together long, or haven't been with a coach long enough, or haven't played in big enough games, then maybe that first goal is critically, critically important. But in this series, with these two teams, I think you better be ready to play all 90 or 120 minutes."