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Best Goals of 2012 #10: Kyle Beckerman v. LA Galaxy, June 20

With 2012 swirling down the drain to a close, we take a look at the top 10 goals scored by Real Salt Lake last campaign. This one's from RSL captain Kyle Beckerman against LA Galaxy in a real heartbreaker.

Kyle Beckerman kicks off the countdown with this simple finish against LA Galaxy. It's probably easy to forget about this goal - and this game - such was the way it ended ("complete breakdown," I think they call it.) Still, Beckerman's finish in a big game is worth a look, and the cross in from Fabian Espindola was inventive and a bit splendid.

Also notable in this match was the looping finish of Alvaro Saborio, which, while maybe a technically better goal, could well have been deflected slightly. Anyway, it was a fine finish, but the cleanliness of Beckerman's finish wins out in this tight battle for the #10 slot.

This match is notable for sending RSL on a three-game losing streak - the first of two in 2012 and the first in quite some time - and handing the Galaxy some much-needed confidence after a rocky start to the MLS season. Was this the match that allowed them to come back and win it all? I don't want to think about that.

Bonus goal: Alvaro Saborio v. LA Galaxy