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Best Goals of 2012 #7: Fabian Espindola v. Seattle, May 12

Clocking in at number seven is this fantastic strike from Fabian Espindola against Seattle Sounders in a tight 1-0 road game.

Once again, a run from midfield confused a normally effective defensive line; this time, it was Fabian Espindola building play in the midfield in an exchange with Luis Gil. Gil's first attempt to play Alvaro Saborio through is knocked back to him, but his second pass dropped immediately in front of the Seattle Sounders defense. Espindola's runway was unerring as he rounded the defense and simply volleys the ball into the far post.

It was the sole goal in a 1-0 win at Seattle - a meaningful goal in a big game, and one that required a fair bit of skill, too. It quite neatly encapsulates what Espindola brought to the team at his best. The unpredictability of his movement, the ability packed into his left foot: It's all gone now.

This goal's also notable for a fair bit of skill from Luis Gil to lift the ball perfectly into the path of Espindola. Who says he's not a number 10?