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Best Goals of 2012 #6: Javier Morales v. Portland Timbers, Sept. 22

The long march toward the best goal of the year continues with this stunning set piece from Javier Morales.

Goalscoring free kicks are hard to come by, let alone perfect pieces of skill. Making the ball sail over the wall and dip under the crossbar while traveling at a high rate of speed, such that the goalkeeper has no chance to make a save - it takes skills, audacity and understanding.

This free kick from Javier Morales against Portland Timbers is as close to perfection as one would expect. Make no mistake about it: Portland really had a tough time in 2012, but there's nothing they could do about this one. If you needed an argument to keep the playmaker around, this would certainly be included in your discourse. It's a free kick of the highest order, as they say.

Equally suitable for this slot is Javi's free kick against San Jose in June, but given the result was less than favorable, I've pipped this one to the top. Regardless, I think this one really does take the metaphorical cake.