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Best Goals of 2012 #5: Alvaro Saborio v. Chivas, Sept. 29

This sumptuous bit of skill displayed in this goal by Alvaro Saborio as he wins his second hat trick of 2012 edges it into the top five of 2012.

Ah, it's nice to get back on the winning track with these goals scored - this one's from Alvaro Saborio against Chivas USA. Will Johnson sets up it up brilliantly, if unintentionally, after a cross in from — you guessed it — Fabian Espindola. The shot rebounds off Chivas GK Kennedy, it falls to the big man, and he takes what seems to be too heavy a touch to prove a threat, even with Kennedy off his line and —


It's the sort of finish that makes you say that. It floats brilliantly over everybody — taken on the turn, no less — snaps against the crossbar, and sails into the back of the net. I mean, really, that's a fantastic goal. It gave Saborio his second hat trick of the season and second for the club, and that's hard to dismiss. Saborio generally scores more simple goals than this, but it's hard to ignore the raw ability he puts on display at times.

For good measure, here are all three of Saborio's goals from that day.