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In or Out? Musings on why we still don't know the future of Javier Morales

In order of likelihood, from least likely to most likely, I've mused on some of the reasons Javier Morales hasn't publicly made a decision about Real Salt Lake's contract offer.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Before we jump headlong into things, let's remember that Javier Morales has had an offer extended to him by Real Salt Lake, chiefly Garth Lagerwey. The offer has reportedly been on the table for most, if not all, of December. He also reportedly has offers in Mexico for his services and would likely be playing for teams that would offer him at least twice as much in salary as we can offer him.

Facts beyond that are either not widely known or not widely reported, or perhaps they are somewhere between those two options. Without further ado, speculation on the reasons we don't know anything yet.

  • Javi is busy setting out on a secret mission from the United States government to colonize the moon. He is currently orbiting Earth in an invisible spacecraft and will soon be releasing a pod full of proto-humans inside a biodome on the surface of the moon before returning to his life as an above average soccer player.
  • Javi is actually an inter dimensional traveler, but his dimensional shift device is malfunctioning, so he's employing the services of a blue-skinned technology expert so he can get back before the next slide.
  • Javi is currently trapped inside a snow cave after going on a three-day solitude camping trip to consider his options. He's running low on those military MREs, though, and will have to dig his way out soon.
  • Javi is waiting until he grows a proper beard to join Kyle Beckerman, Nat Borchers and Chris Wingert as they show the young boys, chiefly Luis Gil and Sebastian Velasquez, that players with beards are better-suited for first-team play. Gil is hurriedly trying to will his little goatee into a more hirsute state. If Javi comes back too soon, he'll ruin the plans.
  • Javi isn't interested in re-signing with Real Salt Lake and has decided that he'd rather play elsewhere in his final years - perhaps a league where he won't get kicked so often.
  • Javi has actually already re-signed, and the club is waiting for a good opportunity (outside of the busy holiday season) to announce that fact.
  • Javi is on vacation with his family back in Argentina, relaxing and enjoying his holiday season, secure in the knowledge that his options will not disappear if he takes a few days to sign.
  • Javi is simply undecided on the matter and is still thinking about his future as a soccer player. How many more years does he have in his legs? Only he knows the answer for sure.