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2012 Real Salt Lake Season Ticket Event

So what happens when you go to a stadium and 4,000 or so of your best friends show up? Long lines and lots of excited people, and that is just what you had on Saturday as people poured into Rio Tinto Stadium to pick up their 2012 RSL season tickets.

Along with tickets to 20 matches, this year folks got to pick up their season ticket gift ( a very nice scarf):

and of course you got your new STH card, as well as a cool little patch:

and while the ticket design is fairly standard, I think with the other items it makes for a nice package given that RSL still has some of the lowest season ticket prices in MLS. So even with an hour wait to get to the front of the line, people are having a good time talking about the upcoming season in line, and the excitement level even to watch tonight's match online if fairly high. I think that the response is so great that RSL could turn this into a very cool fan event/open house and really make it the official start of the RSL season.

a couple more pictures after the jump:

a long line even when you get inside.

that is a lot of scarves, remember if you don't come out and pick up your tickets today, you will get them in the mail and then you can pick up your scarf at any of the home matches at the STH booth by the team store.

OK, that is it for me from the STH ticket pick up event.