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Time for the Real Salt Lake family to step up again to help Gage Thompson

One of the things that makes me so proud to be a RSL fan is the way that the team, the players, and the fans so often go above and beyond to help out those in our community. The top of that list is Deb Harper, so when she asks me to publish something, I know a couple things; it is a great cause and it is a group that truly needs our help. Here is the message from Deb:

Our ol' RSL friends are in need of our help! Brooke Amidei and Jamie Barton, orginal RSL front office staff, are calling on our RSL family to do what we can to help their very good friend. The two of them, along with their good friend Gretchen had their first babies all together. Unfortunately little Gage, Gretchen's adorable little boy is fighting brain tumors. The stress of it all is taking a major toll on their family. Let's show them what this RSL family can do and get involved. You can also make a donation on line. Remember even if it is $5-10 it adds up. Thanks so much, hope to see everyone at the fundraisers that are being held in April.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers as Gage undergos another surgery tomorrow to remove the latest tumor.

So how can you help out? Well you can go to their blog and click the donate button on the right hand side of the page, or you can run in the Save the Day 5K.

As we all know once you are part of the RSL family you are always a part of the RSL family, so it is time for us to dig deep and do our best to help out a family that is in need.