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Post match quotes from Real Salt Lake's 3-1 win over the LA Galaxy

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The Real Salt Lake Communications team was able to gather the following quotes after Saturday night's match at the Home Depot Center, which saw RSL open their season with a come from behind 3-1 win over the defending MLS Cup Champions the Los Angeles Galaxy.


On tonight's game:

"I felt like we were the team that was really controlling the tempo of the match. I know that LA had some fantastic chances to score they hit the bar and then they did score but really I felt like we were the team that was controlling the tempo so I am very pleased with everybody's contribution not just the guys that came on in the last thirty to win the game for us."

On the team's performance:

"I am pleased with what the guys put in. I am pleased that they did a pretty good job at maintaining the tempo of the game. I am pleased that we walk out with a win because when they scored the goal I thought here we go again. We have been the team that has dictated the flow of the game and one cross from (David) Beckham and one header from Edson (Buddle) and I thought we were going to walk out of here losers. At the end of it all I am really pleased the guys had such a strong response to that because it's a difficult thing to do on the road and down a goal late in the game."

On the Galaxy's fatigue:

"If it had been me I would have played a completely different team and just protected everybody for the Champions League game. I don't understand or know the different pressures that come with being an LA Galaxy coach. It doesn't make any sense why Toronto doesn't have a game this weekend but the Galaxy does. Seattle has got the weekend off and that is how it should be they should have the weekend off."

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On his goal celebration:

(Translated from Spanish)

"I was injured for a long period of time so I worked hard in order to play in this game which was against a big rival like the Galaxy and it was a goal that helped us clinch the three points and make the game 2-1 at that point so it made me very happy."

On Real's plans this season:

(Translated from Spanish)

"We don't have long term plans, we play game to game. Sometimes we complicate things by saying we want the Supporters' Shield or we want to be league champions but right now we are going game to game and growing strong as a team as we have guys trying to adapt to the team. It's a long process but we start it off with this win."


On tonight's game:

(Translated from Spanish)

"I think it was a game that had some great soccer like always when we play against the Galaxy. We started the game trying to control the ball and them trying to get us on the counter attack and playing long balls which is how they got their goal. We tied with an unfortunate play but I think we played better throughout the course of the game."

On Real's substitutions:

(Translated from Spanish)

"I think they are experienced players. They started off the bench do to some fitness issues but you could definitely see some changes in the style of play. The goal just came off a beautiful play."


On the tying goal:

"We were building the ball from the middle. We had a lot of possession of the ball. I was on the right side so as soon as I got the ball I knew I had to cut to my left. The first time I did I rolled over the ball and then I cut it back and just hit a cross. I really didn't see the goal but what I saw was the defender was on the ground and the keeper had his hands up so I knew something had happened and that is how I realized it had gone in."

On making his MLS debut:

"To be honest I didn't know that I was going to start until yesterday. Once I knew that I was going to start I focused. I was just ready. What really gave me motivation was today listening to coach talk to us, the hunger in his face when he was telling us that we were playing LA. I kind of fed off of it so I knew I wanted to get out there and make something happen and help my teammates get a good result. That is how the team is the team is a star and that is what we are on everyday. We defended as much as we could obviously they have a lot of talented players like [Landon] Donovan, [Edson] Buddle, [David] Beckham and luckily we got a result a 3-1 result on the road."


On the team's performance:

"We had a tired team tonight we still could have won this game. I think this game is on me, it's my fault. I think I should have used fresher bodies. We hit the wall and made mistakes attributed to fatigue. I think the travel and two games this week added up to being a pretty tired team over the last 20 minutes and it cost us the game. I take full responsibility for that. I think we had some good chances tonight. We were a little unlucky we could have done better with some of our chances. I thought we played alright we just hit the wall and again like I said it is my responsibility."

On Tommy Meyer's and Marcelo Sarvas' performance:

"Tommy was pretty solid he had a good night. Overall he was pretty solid. Marcelo won a fair share of tackles during the game. He did a decent job."


On the Galaxy's first loss at home since 2010:

"It's a little strange. There wasn't a whole lot in the game, I thought they maybe had a little better of the ball, but we had some great chances. I thought we deservedly were up a goal and next thing I knew it was 3-1. It was a little bit of a fluky game. We weren't great in certain parts, but realistically we could have scored six or seven goals tonight."

On playing on short rest:

"We knew it was going to be a hard start to the season. Playing a hard game on turf, and then traveling, naturally guys are going to be a little tired, but that's not an excuse. We had enough opportunities to win the game. We're up a goal with 25 minutes to go, we should do a better job of finishing it."

On how the team reacted after the own goal:

"It's hard to know, the second goal came so quickly. I didn't think there was anything poor. We had a couple of claims for fouls and next thing you know the ball is bouncing around in our box and goes in the net. It was just a little bit of a bizarre game. To go on the run that we were on, that many games unbeaten at home, you have to have some things go your way and tonight it seemed like everything went against us."


On if the team was tired following mid-week game in Toronto:

"I think we all felt good going into the game. I think obviously playing a hard game on Wednesday on turf and traveling back took its toll, but still we had chances to win the game. Obviously we made a few mistakes and Salt Lake are a good team and good team punish you. It's disappointing, and there was a certain amount of fatigue, but we'll be OK."

On Bruce Arena taking the blame for the loss:

"It's not down to the coach once the players are on the field. He picked the team that he feels is a strong team and is ready to play and then it's down to the players. It's down to us collectively."

On if his fitness heading into Wednesday's game in Champions League:

"We'll see. Obviously it's Saturday now, and we have a few days to recover and try to get ourselves ready for the game Wednesday because it's a big game. We need to win, we need to progress, we'll just have to see how we all feel by the time the game comes and then it will be down to the manager."

On Edson Buddle's goal:

"I just put it in the area. I saw Edson just behind the defender and it's an area where I always try to hit, because I know it's an area, especially when you have players like Edson, they just find space, and that's what Edson does. When we went up 1-0 up in the 71st minute, I thought we were going to go on from there and then they go up. I think there was a situation where a foul should have been given earlier on, but they are a good team."


On the own goal:

"The ball had some spin on it, it kind of dipped before I tried to get a foot on it, it's unfortunate. But that's what coaches say, to play the ball, but it's a lot harder on a wet surface, and that what I did and I just didn't clear it right. I thought Espindola was coming in, so I tried to beat him to the ball and I just happened to catch the wrong side of the ball."

On the tempo of the game after the own goal:

"After they got the own goal they got some momentum and they got two goals pretty quick, back-to-back. I thought we played well as a team, plenty of chances, we hit the post, some unlucky balls that didn't bounce our way, but we have to worry about Wednesday."

On Bruce Arena taking the blame for the loss:

"I think he's a little hard on himself, but that's how passionate he is about this team. He wants us to do well, and our whole team wants to do well, and we have to worry about Champions League game on Wednesday."


On his making his MLS debut:

"I was alright after the first 15 minutes. I tried to get that under my belt, and then after that it helped me relax a little bit. I thought I felt calm after that."

On when he found out he was in the starting lineup:

"(Found out) today. I came in prepared, ready to play. I think (Bruce) expects everyone, no matter what, to be ready to play. As soon as the whistle starts (all the nerves and everything else) goes out the door and you're ready to play."

On looking ahead to Wednesday's game:

"We have to put this game behind us and learn from it. Can't give up goals the way we did, but everything is moving forward. It's in the past and we look forward to Wednesday. And whatever happens, if I'm in the lineup or not, everything is for the team now."

There you go a look inside the thoughts of the guys who did battle on Saturday night, one thing is sure to me, we know these teams will face off at least twice more this year and I expect each of those matches to be just as tough and just as exciting.