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CONCACAF Champions League Update: Good Luck Toronto FC

The prize at the end of the road.  Good Luck TFC.
The prize at the end of the road. Good Luck TFC.

So last year as a fan of RSL I got to enjoy the run to the Champions League final, from watching the frozen pitch tactics of the Columbus Crew, to a great series with Alvaro Saborio's former team Saprissa, to the sold out final at Rio Tinto against Monterrey. It was great to watch our team measure themselves against some of the very best teams in CONCACAF, it was amazing to watch the level of support from MLS (those 360 videos still amaze me) and from teams and fans around the league.

It was heartbreaking to lose in the final, a crushing blow that impacted the rest of the season for fans and the entire organization, but for me there was a great amount to be proud of in the effort of the entire RSL family in getting as far as we did.

Well it is a new year and 3 MLS teams qualified for the knockout rounds of the Champions League this year, and that is also an accomplishment and worthy of celebration. I want to offer my congratulations and support to Toronto FC and their fans; it is a great accomplishment for a team that has seen its share of struggles on and off the pitch.

To the staff and players of Toronto FC, I say good luck and Beat Santos. #MLS4TFC

To the fans of Toronto FC, I say enjoy this, soak up every moment of it, be there to support your team like never before as they fight to advance to the finals. You and they deserve every minute of this.

To all of those who supported Real Salt Lake's run last year, please show that same dedication and passion to the efforts of Toronto FC as they make their run. It is about making MLS better, it is about a MLS team lifting the CCL trophy.