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Post Match Comments from Real Salt Lake's 1-0 loss to Chivas USA

First up is the video from the Real Salt Lake post match press conference:

Some more quotes from RSL head coach Jason Kreis:

On how the match played out:

"I think in the end you look at it a little tactically and say that we wanted to press the game and they wanted to defend and counter-attack. Tonight the defensive-minded team won. That's not going to change the way we think about the game or the way we play."

On the disappointment of losing at home:

"I think we had a great crowd tonight and I wanted to reward them and make it a special night. I was hoping to have the result go our way. Not talking about the result, though, I am pretty pleased with the performance again. We created a ton of chances. We had the majority of the possession. We were the more attacking-minded team. We were the more dangerous team. On a different night, we win that game by multiple goals."

On the upcoming trio of games:

"I think we've got some guys now that started in the first two games and have to feel good about their contribution and have a little bit of experience under their belts. That should put us in a good position for the next three matches."

more quotes from both locker rooms after the jump:


On the result:

"All in all the effort was there tonight and we were unlucky not to get some goals ourselves. I thought Dan Kennedy played great to keep the zero and that's why we had this result today."

On the play that resulted in the game's lone goal:

"You go for the ball if the cross is in your area, and if there's contact, there's contact. That's the sport. There's no excuse or anything like that. Unfortunately the ball came out of my hands and bounced right to [Casey Townsend]."


On RSL's performance in defeat:

"I think we have to relax a little bit. We were a little nervous playing the ball and I think we have to relax and take more time."

On failing to capitalize on set pieces:

"We couldn't make them. We had a couple of chances but couldn't score and that's the reason we lost the game."


On the result:

"We have to stay positive and keep working. We played good today and just didn't put the ball in the back of the net."


On winning against his former team at Rio Tinto Stadium:

"The place that the win took place is much less significant than the win. We started out the season playing pretty well and not having any results to show for it. Tonight we had to come to what is arguably the hardest place to play in the league and these guys just fought, gritted and gutted out a victory."

On Chivas USA's play on the evening:

"I thought our defenders played extremely well. I thought our midfielders played responsible most of the night in making it difficult for them to get clear cut opportunities down the middle of the field. On top of that it was a great effort. Casey Townsend takes a lot of pressure off of us by winning these headers. At the end of the day I just can't say enough about the team effort."

On how his side kept RSL off the scoreboard:

"At the end of the day, you're trying to get pressure where you can. They're very good with the ball, so you have to be smart where you pressure them. Obviously, they are a very good passing team, their movement on the field is very good and their confidence and competence is extremely high. I just think you have to be very aware of those things and then obviously play accordingly."

On defender Rauwshan McKenzie's performance:

"It was a real good night for him. He made a lot of important plays at important times. I thought he had a really solid game."


On how the win will help Chivas USA's outlook for the season:

"That is a really big win for us. We felt we were a little unfortunate not to get a result out of our first two games and we did what we needed to do. To come in here and get three points from a good team at their own stadium is big time for us."

On scoring the game-winning goal:

"It felt really good. Obviously the first goal always feels good and I had been waiting for that for a long time. I'm just glad that it helped us win."


On being able to shut down RSL's offense:

"You have to give a lot of credit to our defense. They were great today. Obviously Salt Lake is a great team. They have a great possession game and they are very dangerous with that possession. It wasn't easy, but I thought that we were able to get the ball moving quite a bit."

So there you have the thoughts from both locker rooms.