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Real Salt Lake 2 - Colorado Rapids 0 - in pictures

Well Saturday night was a bit chilly when the sun went down, but RSL kept the action hot on the pitch all night, and while you may have missed some of the action it was a rather chippy match, just ask Sebastian Velasquez or Luis Gil who seemed to be targets of Brian Mullen and Jeff Larentowicz all night. So I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you from the match Saturday night:

Notice how normal his eye looks in this picture.

After the jump take a look at how it looked after one of the many shots taken by Mullan(correction the elbow was by Drew Moor):

notice the very large lump over his right eye, yes Major League Soccer this is what happens when elbows are thrown to the face of opposing players, you might want to take a look at the tape of this one. What I loved most was that when it happened Sebastian jumped right back up and went about playing, I got a picture of the foul but it was one of many that was out of focus.

Nat is perhaps one of the most difficult guys to get a picture of, he is almost always making a face or has his tongue stuck out, so I thought this one turned our fairly good.

This is Sabo getting ready to put the ball past Matt Pickens


Alvaro Saborio's reward for his game winning goal was being able to give Sebastian a piggy back ride.

I always love it when our fans celebrate a goal

While Fabian Espindola tamed down his goal celebration a bit, you can still tell he was excited.

You can check out more pictures on my google+ album for the match.