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Real Salt Lake 2-0 over Colorado - Post match press conference and quotes

Well it was a 2-0 win over the Colorado Rapids on Saturday and after the match Real Salt Lake head coach Jason Kreis took some questions from the media:

Thanks to the fine group at RSL Communications here are some quotes from the locker room:


On what makes RSL successful:

"In every good performance we've had this year it's been about all the details and being really focused on being our best. We're not too concerned with our opponents, and I think that's something that we can take some pride in and continue to try to embrace. If we really focus on how we play, both with the ball and without, then we might be able to force other teams to adjust to us no matter which building we're in."

On forwards Fabian Espíndola and Álvaro Saborio:

"I'm really amazed at both Fabian Espíndola and Álvaro Saborío - to me, they both looked extremely alert and bright tonight. I'm pleased that they both got on the score board, but probably more pleased with their defensive effort. When they are that in tune for giving for the team we almost always get results."

more quotes after the jump:


On the rivalry with Colorado:

"I thought tonight was a terrific game. I was up for it, I think they players were obviously up for it, and the crowd was up for it. It was a great night here at Rio Tinto.

"It's tough to put your finger on exactly why rivalries are born. I've been saying all week that I think this was a rivalry that was started by the fans, and they did a terrific job of selling it to the players. The players have now taken it on board, and it's something that we can all be a part of and enjoy.

On next weekend's clash with Sporting Kansas City:

"There's no doubt that Kansas City is a very, very good team. Even last year they caused us some real problems with their tactics. The good thing is that now we have a week to prepare for it. We also had what was a very poor performance last year at Kansas City to draw off of, so we've got areas for improvement and we've got a lot of reasons why we should go there and be extremely motivated."


On the difference between tonight's game and Wednesday night's game versus Montreal:

"Tonight we just came out with the right energy, the right mentality, and it wasn't there on Wednesday. On Wednesday I think we were losing a lot of 50-50 balls, a lot of second balls, and giving away a lot of passes that are normally easy passes. So I think we just did a better job at focusing at the beginning, coming out and establishing possession early and we built it from there."

On his assist of forward Alvaro Saborio's goal:

"I saw him take a step back towards the back post and I thought that hopefully if I can get it over that guy, he can time his run and get a touch in there. He did a great job taking that first touch and burying it, so credit to him."

On the improvement of his crosses of the past year:

"I think that when I first came here I was a little bit raw and that was a big area where I needed to improve. Here in my second and third seasons in particular I did a lot of reputation work and I really feel that it has paid off."


On tying Robbie Findley for RSL's all-time goal scoring lead:

"It's only [29] goals, it's going to be more than that. It's a good thing, but I just have to keep going."

On the combination between himself and Saborío:

"It's cool. I'm so comfortable playing with him. We understand each other, so that's good."


On getting the maximum nine points over the last eight days:

"It was difficult; it was a difficult schedule against tough teams. We battled through it and I felt like we didn't have our best play the game before (against Montreal) and now we came out, we were in our home. We had to show them what we were here for and we've got to defend our house."

On the upcoming match against Sporting Kansas City:

"It's going to be difficult, especially right now while we are getting better. We've just got to keep the tempo going, especially against these types of teams."


On the Rapids' struggles in the first half:

"The first half didn't go as we had planned. We just couldn't hang on to the ball. I felt that we reacted a lot better in the second half, but we still couldn't control the ball like we would have liked to. There was no sense of fluidity for us in the first half and we didn't appear to be a real dangerous team. But this is a long season, and overall I think that we are still in a good position."

On what makes RSL such a tough opponent:

"[Real Salt Lake] has been together for a long time and they have established a true team style and identity. They have great players and great coaches, they know the league well and they play hard. All of that comes with time and they have done a great job with this team so far."


On building on tonight's second half performance:

"The second half we settled down and we started playing, but that second goal came and kind of took the wind out of our sail a little bit. It's one of those things; we just have to keep plugging away and keep working hard and build on the positives from this game and try and take it into the next game."


On his first taste of the Rocky Mountain Cup Rivalry:

"It was intense. I got to experience it for the first time, which was good, so hopefully next time I'll be able to come back and contribute more and we can bring home the trophy."

On playing at Rio Tinto Stadium:

"It was a good experience. The environment is excellent. You have lots of fans and it's louder ... it reminds me of playing in Europe. It was an unfortunate result for us, but definitely something we have to build on as we look forward."


On Colorado's performance tonight:

"Unfortunately we weren't able to produce too many quality scoring opportunities. I had a header that I feel like I put away eight times out of 10, which changes the game with about 20 minutes to go."

On the Rapids-RSL rivalry:

"It's not much of a rivalry right now. They've got our number right now, especially the past couple of years, and this is always a tough place to play. It was a tough place to play when I was with Dallas and it's a tough place to play when I'm with Colorado. Obviously, their record here speaks for itself.

"We still have two more games against them in the Rocky Mountain Cup, which is extremely important to us. It's extremely important to our fans, which makes it extremely important to us. We'll have to put this one behind us. We're back here in a couple of months and then they come to our place as well, so the trophy isn't theirs yet."


On Colorado's performance against Real Salt Lake:

"I think that for a couple of games out on the road we've started slowly. I think that the way we start games and the confidence with which we enter games needs to get better. In the few real games we've had that we haven't come out as sharp as we need to be. It's progressively gotten better as the game goes on, but we need to do that from the start."

On Fabian Espindola's goal:

"It changed the game. It doubles the lead. If the game is 1-0 then it's different in the last 25 minutes. They can put numbers behind the ball and they are confident that they can just sit back and defend."

There you go a good amount of insight from the locker rooms, after an emotional and intense match.