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Post match quotes after Real Salt Lake's 0-0 draw with Chicago Fire

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Once again thanks to the hard work of the RSL communications team, you get to check out the comments from players and coaches after the 0-0 draw in Chicago on Wednesday, we start with the man of the night:

C.J. Brown, Real Salt Lake assistant coach and Ring of Fire Member

Talk about the honor...

"It's a great honor to be a part of such an exclusive group and to be recognized with guys that I've looked up to. It's nice to be a part of such a small group."

On being on the other side of the bench?

"It's weird, it's different. As a player I only know the Chicago Fire. I know the words of ‘tradition, passion, and honor.' I know the things that we as players try to instill in the club. So coming here and being the locker room is a little different. It's a weird feeling. But you're always out trying to find new paths and start new careers. So now I'm a part of RSL as a coach, so I have to think like I first thought as a player coming here, I'm there to learn and develop and become the best coach I could possibly be. I'm under a group of good guys that are allowing me to express myself as a coach and teach me as we go along. It's a weird feeling coming back to Chicago, which I consider one of my homes, and not being able to support them in that fashion, but I still have a deep place in my heart for them."

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Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis

On the team's performance:

"I'm pleased. I'm really pleased. They worked incredibly hard. It's been a while since we've had a shut-out. We made that a pretty clear objective for our players-any time we are on the road, it starts with our defensive effort, which starts with us trying to keep a shut-out and then we go from there. I think the guys did a tremendous amount of work tonight to make that happen. I'm pleased that's four results for us in a row with a tie in Dallas and two home wins, and now a tie in Chicago so I feel like we are doing well."

On Reynish's performance:

"It's good. I don't think he had to make too many incredible stops but when he was called upon, he made them. So I am really pleased for him as well. He gets an opportunity and he takes advantage of it."

On the team's more defensive performance:

"I don't feel the onus is going to be on us to score when we are away, to set tempo and to make the attacking chances. The onus should be on the home team and Chicago is a very dangerous team with very dangerous attacking minded players. We got a half chance here and there, especially at the beginning of the second half, and on a different night I feel like Paulo buries one and walk out of here with all three points. The number of attacking chances that you create isn't always that important. It's certainly important for us at home where we have an aggressive mentality, but when we are away, it's not necessarily the number of attacking chances, but maybe the quality of them."

Real Salt Lake Midfielder Ned Grabavoy

On the match:

"I thought it was a little bit of a chess match. I think the teams were afraid of making a mistake-they didn't want to give up that crucial first goal. They started out really strong in the first 20 minutes and that caused us some problems. We were on our heels a little bit and I think we settled down as the game went on more and more. They became less dangerous after the first twenty minutes."

On starting the second half strong and getting some momentum:

"A little bit. We wanted to step up and press them a little bit, try to make something out of nothing. In the first ten to fifteen minutes of that half, we had a few chances, and the same thing, it went back to a chess match where guys weren't getting in advanced positions as much, and sending limited numbers forward. We haven't had a zero, a shut-out for a long time so we're happy about that. There are some positives-I thought the fight and the effort were pretty good. And we have another big game Saturday."

Real Salt Lake Goalkeeper Kyle Reynish

On securing the shutout:

"I thought maybe they had the majority of chances but in these types of games you never know. I definitely think we had three or four chances-Paulo almost had one, Saborio almost had one. When you're on the road like that, you play not to give up goals and maybe you can get one or two and sneak out of here with three points, but tonight we got one. Points on the road are points on the road."

On building his confidence with the clean sheet:

"It's always a good booster, but credit to the defense and everyone in front of me. I really didn't have too much to do, besides one or two saves. Nothing that was too tough, so credit to them on the Fire offense, Oduro, Nyarko and Pappa, they are tough guys to mark and I thought everyone did pretty well. After that early header off the cross bar, I thought everyone got on it and stepped up."

On stepping in for Rimando:

"They are some pretty big shoes to fill. Whenever I get the chance to help the team get some points, I am happy for that result."

On the next match versus Seattle:

"Last I heard, Nick's supposed to be back in time for Seattle, but if his shoulder is still hurting...I've actually have another start up in Seattle so at least I am somewhat comfortable with being in front of 38,000 fans."

Real Salt Lake Defender Chris Schuler

On the match:

"See that big zero on the board? [Points to dry-erase board with big zero written on it.] Objective completed. They had some really clear cut chances in the first half, like Oduro's shot that hit off the crossbar and that was little scary. I thought we created some good chances besides that, took a lot of heat in the second half, but it's good to get out of here with a zero which was my job more or less. I thought we were pretty solid. We were a tough block to break down today."

Frank Klopas - Chicago Fire Head Coach

Comments on the match...

"I thought we had a good start to the game. Throughout the game we lost a little momentum. We forced the ball at times. I think that we didn't have the ability to be quick in transition and switch the point of attack. With a team like this, you don't get too many good looks. As a team, we didn't give anything away and we were good defensively. You have one or two opportunities that you have to put away against a very good team, and that's what the game comes down to. Overall, I was happy with the team's performance. It would be great to get three points. But in games like this, when you get those opportunities, you have to make them finish because you're not going to get too many.

" On the decision to start Austin Berry?

"The team won on the road and I didn't want to change anything. I think that positional players are a little different than goalkeepers. The team played well and I didn't want to change anything. I've always said that you rely on the team, and I didn't want to make any changes coming off of a road victory.

" On the decision to bring in Puppo over Barouch's physical presence?

"I still wanted to break them down through combination with our pace. We are not a team that is going to rely too much on service. I felt that Orr would have become more of a physical game, but now we moved the ball quicker and we were able to play through them in that way. In the games that he's come in he has looked very sharp. I thought he was sharp in Chivas, and I wanted to attack the byline through combinations and be able to play quick through them."

On being satisfied with the number and quality of chances?

"You have to put things into perspective. You're playing a team that is very good, a ball possession team, a team that is very good at moving the ball and creating opportunities. They are very good defensively. So when you play the top team in the west, and you have opportunities, you have to put them away. With that being said, we didn't. We kept playing. But the positive thing is that we didn't give anything away. I don't think Sean was very involved. I thought our backline did a fantastic job."

On Dan Gargan coming out of the game?

"Dan is a warrior. It's normal, he is a professional athlete. You have to play through certain pain. But in that play, I felt like he was grabbing his leg. I really haven't checked on i. But if that was the case, I just felt like he grabbed his leg and I wanted to put fresh legs in that side."

On the possibility of Patrick Nyarko being injured?

"Sometimes with Pat, he's hobbling at one point and then sprinting on the next play. He felt tight and he's been feeling some things in his groin in the last couple weeks. He seemed like he was in pain and not himself, so I made the change. You never know with these things. We'll see tomorrow."

Chicago Fire defender Austin Berry

On the communication with Arne?
"It's good. He's a good buddy and makes it easy to talk to. The whole backline has done really well communicating and I thought this was a good game. We did our part and got the shutout this time, so I thought it was a really good showing by us."

Chicago Fire goalkeeper Sean Johnson

Thoughts on the game?

"Happy on the night. Can we get better? We're always looking to improve. So we're taking this and the momentum and the defensive unit that we've got. We've gone from two goals, to one goal, to none now. So we're going to see if we can keep this going into the game on Saturday against Kansas City."

Communication in back? "

Communication was huge. I think being more engaged in the game, getting everybody to especially communicate within their small societies, if you will. I thought we did great on that tonight, and we were pleased. Obviously it's disappointing not getting three points. But at the end of the night, if you're not going to come out with three points, you always want to come out with a point. It gives us a chance to win games if you don't give up goals, and that's what we did tonight."

Chicago Fire forward Dominic Oduro

Thoughts on the game?

"I thought we did well, especially in the first half. We had chances, it was just unfortunate we couldn't put the ball in the net. I don't think they had anything strong coming forward offensively. I thought we played well. I thought we should have had three points, but at least we didn't lose it."

On the good chances created...

"I had one from Patrick, it's just unfortunate the ball didn't go in. You just have to keep your head up, stuff like that will happen. Just have to keep the positives and we will go forward."

On preparing for the upcoming game Saturday:

"We have another game this weekend against Kansas City. If we put in the ocmminttment that we did today, we will be ready for it. This time we're going to get three points, we HAVE to get three points. With the quick turnaround, we just look forward to the next game."

RSL and KC are both strong teams, what changes do you make?

"Salt Lake is a good team. As you can see, we can keep up our composure with them. I don't think we have to make changes against Kansas City, we just have to go out there and execute. We have a solid team. We played really well, and we'll be OK if we play the same way against Kansas City."

I always love to read the comments of the various coaches and players after a match, you can learn some fun things about the match that you might not have seen and you get a good look at the players in how they think about things.