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Real Salt Lake 3 - FC Dallas 2 - Post Match Press Conference & Quotes

After Saturday nights 3-2 win over FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake head coach Jason Kreis answered questions from the media, here is the video of that press conference:

Here are some additional post match quotes thanks to the RSL Communication Team:

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis

On the Match:

"Oh to be a season ticket holder right now...we're giving them their money's worth for sure. Another crazy game tonight, FC Dallas played really hard, there was no giving up for them and that made our night difficult for sure. I am very pleased to get the three points against what I think is a very difficult opponent. When you're missing guys like Kyle Beckerman, Nick Rimando, Javi Morales and Chris Wingert..Four very strong be without them and have the guys react how they did is a very good sign."

On Terukazu Tanaka, Kyle Reynish, and Yordany Alvarez:

"All three did well. Obviously, Tanaka assisted on the first goal, which was a very nice cross on his part. He did well to get around his defender. I thought he had a strong performance, Yordany I thought had a pretty strong night, especially in the first half. I thought he was breaking up a ton of plays in the midfield, and was in the right spot a lot of times. He still can be a little bit cleaner on the ball for me. I think that we will have a good chance to see improvement from him with Open Cup. Renyish had a strong night. Unfortunate that he didn't make that save that was a goal-line decision. I thought he did well with that play. On the 2nd goal, I think he probably needed to do better, but those things I think come from playing more. I think he's probably pretty relieved going around patting all the rest of the fellas on the back, especially Borchers."

more quotes after the jump:

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis

On Alvaro Saborio's performance:

"I'm really pleased with Sabo. I know it's been a difficult stretch that he hasn't been scoring with the way that he would like, or the fans would like, but he's been putting in the work, so I'm appreciative that he continues to work hard and take those chances."

On Nat Borchers' Goal celebration:

"He's the most excited goal scorer we've had for sure. He has a tendency to score some pretty big goals.

I'm very pleased for Nat, a very strong leader for our team for a long time."

On Tuesday's Open Cup Match:

"With this break that we have, we need games, so it's an opportunity for us to win this first round and get ourselves another game. I'm going to put out the best lineup that we have possible, which some teams wouldn't do, but I think is very important. We need to try and succeed in this tournament, because we haven't before."

Real Salt Lake MF Will Johnson

On the late win and going off to international duty with Canada:

"Yeah, obviously, anytime you win it's good. It's exciting the way we're winning at the moment. We probably just need to be a little more professional finishing up games because we can't rely on an injury time winner every week. We just have to get a little more professional in finishing, but I'm thrilled to win."

"I'm excited to go with the National team too. It's an honor. It's bittersweet missing games, but you know there's some big games for us, and Canada needs to take a step forward. I think I can be a big part in helping them win some games. I'm going to go up there and represent my country and give it everything I've got and get excited, refreshed to come back here. It's always nice to come back here after National team duty, so there's a lot of good soccer to look forward to over the summer."

Real Salt Lake FW Alvaro Saborio

On RSL taking the lead multiple times:

"Dallas is good team. We just tried to make the first one and then hopefully win from there. The last one was a great goal at the last minute and I was happy for Borchers."

About scoring twice before leaving to Costa Rica for international duty:

"I'm happy about the game and scoring twice and I am thinking now I'm going to do a better job in Costa Rica. We will see what happens there."

Real Salt Lake DF Nat Borchers

On the match:

"It was a rollercoaster 2nd half. We felt 1-0 wouldn't be a good enough win for us. Credit to them, they pushed forward and scored two goals on us. That was our only option to get that third goal. My hat is off to our front two Fabi and Sabo who really battled hard during the whole game and wore them down and got them tired and created a lot of chances for us. I thought Yordany had a really strong game, and Tanaka had a really good game as well."

Real Salt Lake MF Ned Grabavoy

On Borchers' goal:

" A little bit of mayhem after just two letdowns, It's frustrating to keep giving up leads, so it's crazy to react that quickly and go for it and get it back. I think it's great to show that our team can win games that way."

Real Salt Lake MF Yordany Alvarez

On the match:

"We continued working on maintaining control in the second half, and we had an opportunity in the game to get it back and we did."

FC Dallas Coach Schellas Hyndman:

On the overall performance of his team:

"I got a lot out of the team tonight; disappointing last goal, there was a lot of physical play out there, a lot of bodies. I thought that we had done enough to come away with a point."

On if the game could be encouraging in any way:

"Well, there was some good play from Jackson and from Perez, basically they are the only two who are attacking and the rest of the guys are filling holes right now. It is encouraging to come back twice and to not give up and to see the fight that our guys put out there."

On if tonight's performance was encouraging for FC Dallas:'

"Yeah, certainly we can find the silver lining. I think the most disappointing thing for us is that we worked so hard for so long and to leave again without any points, you feel like a little piece of you dies every time you lose a game. It's been a rough patch for us and it's easy to point fingers and it's easy to blame, but at the end of the day we all have to raise our level."

On the difference between the first and second half of the match:

"Obviously once they scored then we had to begin attacking a little bit more. Once we scored the first there was a little bit of a belief that we were going to be able to get a second. Maybe the altitude plays a factor, maybe guys zone out a little bit and before you know it we've conceded a second."

On the overall performance of FC Dallas:

"I thought that we showed a lot of character coming back when we went down 1-0 and then went down 2-1 and came back. Unfortunately, we couldn't sustain and keep the tie. At the end of the day we dropped another three points and it's frustrating."

On what's coming up for FC Dallas:

"We've got two weeks now to rest and really work on stuff. Hopefully the second half of the season we'll make a push and hopefully make a playoff spot."

On what FC Dallas needs to work on during the layoff:

"I think the most important thing is to get guys back, get guys healthy, we have a lot of injuries. I think the main thing as far as the back line goes is that we've given up way too many goals so far this season. So I think we need to really get on the same page and start getting some shutouts."

There you go, some great quotes from both locker rooms after a very exciting match at Rio Tinto Stadium.