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Real Salt Lake fans, the question is "Do You Believe"?

Believe Shirt
Believe Shirt

At the start of this season, a new anthem was given to the fans of Real Salt Lake by one of their own as Branden Steineckert it is a simple enough chant:

"If you believe, then just stand up on your feet and shout it loud REAL! Here at the Riot the battle hymn's begun, We're here for RSL!"

It has been heard all around the league and around the world via Youtube, where the video has over 100,000 views, what makes it so special in my heart is hearing it live at Rio Tinto Stadium, not when it is played over the PA system, but when a couple fans start it, then a couple hundred and soon thousands are chanting it. I honestly believe that the chant means more to our team than words can describe and when you see their eyes when it is being sung loud and proud in the stadium you will know what I mean.

So clearly RSL fans have taken this chant to heart, and has it played a role in the fact that despite injuries, national team call ups, suspension, and bizarre calls haven't been able to slow down RSL who heading into the MLS break for FIFA dates sit at the top of both the Western Conference as well as the overall MLS table? I don't know but you have to believe so.

So now there is a chance for you to help keep this going as Jordan Duke has designed a shirt with the lyrics that you can pre-order here. Here is what Jordan had to say about the shirts:

I wanted to make something that didn't look like typical sports team merch. I laid it out in such a way that would help you learn the cadence of the song if you'd never heard it. All the most important words are larger than the rest and the lines are broken up to sort of show you the rhythm. I did a handmade poster print for Branden for his birthday and was originally going to sell posters but I liked the idea of the shirt because it was something you could wear to games and anyone who was curious about the lyrics could pick them up off a shirt. People seem to be into the poster so I might do a small run of them in the future.

They're going to be printed on really soft American Apparel shirts. I'm doing preorders on the Believe shirt for 2 weeks. After that I will send the order to the printers. I'm doing it like this because I'm doing it on the side and thought if I got enough orders it would be hard to balance work and this side project. It's also less of a risk for me, this way I won't end up printing a bunch of shirts that may not sell. I hope thats clear on the order page. I don't want people to think they will ship immediately.

I got mine ordered, how about you?