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My Favorite Real Salt Lake Highlight - what is yours

So Samsung has asked us what is our favorite sports highlight, for some sports fans it may take a while to pick their favorite moment, but for me after watching sports for 30 years there is just one moment that comes to mind for me and it does for a number of reasons, but let's take a look at my favorite:

For me the thrill of being of being on the pitch watching RSL play was capped off by being just a couple feet away from the trophy presentation, made the 2009 MLS Cup all the more special, but seeing a group of guy that few outside of Salt Lake City gave a chance of winning go out and do just that was a very special moment.

I think what makes this my all time favorite sports highlight, is knowing what went on behind the scenes, the work of the RSL front office and staff, the unique relationship of the RSL players and the way they interact with the fans. Knowing that this victory wasn't just a team lifting a trophy, it was a family celebrating a lot of hard times, a lot of hard work and knowing that in the end it wasn't about the team with the biggest payroll or the biggest names, it was about the team with the biggest heart.

So this is my favorite highlight, the team lifting the trophy, but the question is what is your favorite Real Salt Lake highlight?