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Which new Real Salt Lake player has the most potential?

So for Real Salt Lake as they headed into the 2012 season they had made a number of roster changes as 9 players left the team via various means. Gone were Tim Melia, Collen Warner, Robbie Russell, Jean Alexandre, Arturo Alvarez, Andy Williams, Nelson Gonzalez, Rauwshan McKenzie, and Blake Wagner. That meant that RSL had to restock in a hurry as those guys had contributed over 6,500 minutes during the 2011 season.

Filling the roster for RSL were: Enzo Martinez, Sebastian Velasquez, Emiliano Bonfigli, Leone Cruz, Jonny Steele, Terakazu Tanaka, Chris Estridge and Lalo Fernandez. So far this year 4 of those guys have seen action in MLS matches.

Jonny Steele - 386 minutes - 2 goals and 2 assists - 3 starts and 13 matches played in

Sebastian Velasquez - 340 minutes - 0 goals and 0 assists - 5 starts and 6 matches played in

Terakazu Tanaka - 180 minutes - 0 goals and 1 assist - 2 starts and 2 matches played in

Emiliano Bonfigli - 45 minutes - 1 goals and 0 assists - 0 starts and 3 matches played in.

So of the 8 new players to join RSL this season who do you think has the most potential? Now remember we haven't seen a lot of these guys so far this year but we have seen that some have already started to make an impact, we know that in the style and system that RSL play that it takes time for players to adjust fully to it. So vote on what player you think has the most potential?