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Has the Rocky Mountain Cup lost its relevance?

7-21-12 RMC II
7-21-12 RMC II

So I am going to ask you to vote in this poll but I am also going to state my opinion on the matter. While I understand that everyone loves having a rival, I mean having attended Ohio State, I get how fun rivalries can be, but usually there is more to a rivalry that what went into the Rocky Mountain Cup.

The Cup was created before RSL ever stepped on a pitch, so there is no motive for the rivalry other than simple geography, which in a lot of cases is enough, but for me a real rivalry needs more than that. Now was the reaction of the Rapids back in 2006 when RSL still sucked as a 2nd year team enough to fuel a rivalry? For some it is, for some it is the reaction of some of the Rapids fans who were forced to duck confetti and provided RSL fans with some humorous side effects.

For me I like rivalries that are battles on the pitch, or have long standing historic value, if you haven't caught Fox Soccer's Football Rivalries, you should as it offers some real insight to some of the great rivalries of the sport. I just doubt that RSL vs Colorado would qualify after watching a few episodes of that series, still it is something that clearly a lot of fans from both teams still enjoy, and that is one of the most important things to any rivalry. For me the Rocky Mountain Cup, no longer seems like a rivalry, I get more excited for matches with the Galaxy, Seattle, and even San Jose after this years matches. What do you think?