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Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber to do fan Q&A - WWDA

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Well, WWDA (What Would Denzel Ask) Don Garber, I love when the head man of MLS takes questions from the fans as often they are a tougher level of questions than he gets from other interviewers, so when MLS tweeted that Don would be doing a Q&A with fans Wednesday afternoon at 2:30MT via facebook, I started thinking about what questions I would ask if I had the chance and I thought I would share them with you.

So here are my questions, not in any particular order:

How are MLS teams supposed to improve year to year when the salary cap goes up less than 5% each year but the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) mandates minimum raises for players of 5-15%?

Why does the structure of MLS reward teams with allocation money for leaving their final two "off budget" player slots open?

At MLS Cup 2011 your executives promised more transparency in regards to both the actions of the MLS Disciplinary Committee and in regards to how allocation money was being granted and used by teams, why have we seen no progress on either of those things in the 8 months that have passed?

Given the ownership group of the New York Cosmos deciding to go the NASL route, are you still obsessed with building a stadium in New York and putting another soccer team in that market?

more questions after the jump:

So those first four questions are fairly rough ones, so I also have some that aren't perhaps so tough but still important:

First up officiating:

Given the move to start PRO (Professional Referee Organization) as a combined effort to improve the quality and quantity of officials in the US and Canada, do you think the level of officiating has improved so far this MLS season?

With PRO, has the number of full time officials available to Major League Soccer increased over past years, if so how many full time officials are now available?

With FIFA approving the use of goal line technology, when do you see MLS making a move to get such technology implemented?

Does MLS still have a policy that prohibits teams from showing controversial plays via replays in Stadium?

OK, up next youth development:

While MLS has brought back the reserve division in a limited way with a 10 match schedule, is a more robust system needed to fill the gap between the Academy systems and MLS? And does that include some type of partnership with either the NASL or USL?

Currently teams can sign two Homegrown players above the minimum that don't count against the salary cap, how long does that exemption last?

We know that a player has to train for at least a year with a teams academy to be eligible for Homegrown status, but what are the other criteria that aren't published on the 2012 MLS Roster Rules and Regulations?

And finally some general questions:

Why didn't MLS list any of the 6 friendly matches that MLS teams played on Tuesday on their schedule? If the MLS site is supposed to be a news and information site, shouldn't it list things like that?

It has been a number of years since MLS released any particular numbers about the finances of individual teams, will MLS provide a more current list of the financial health of individual teams any time in the future?

We know that MLS TV ratings seem to be moving into a more positive direction, but the inconsistency of promotion of matches by the networks has to be frustrating to MLS as it is to the fans, what can be done to get them to do more to help promote the league and sport?

What is the criteria used by MLS to determine the transfer fee of players who are being pursued by teams in other leagues?

You have said that you want to make MLS a top league in the world, what are the measures of a top league in your opinion and what is the plan to get MLS to be one of those top leagues?

So I think that is a fair mix of questions, but with the online Q&A session only lasting 30 minutes, I doubt that we will get a lot of questions answered, but if you feel motivated to use any of my questions, feel free to ask them. If not, what question would you ask Don Garber? Oh and did you notice I didn't ask anything about YSA?