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Real Salt Lake announces 2013 Season Ticket Prices

Real Salt Lake released their 2013 season ticket pricing on Tuesday as current STH (season ticket holders) were sent their renewal information, below is the pricing chart for 2013:


The individual prices almost the same across the board as the 2012 Day of game prices, and the pricing is very similar to what we have had since 2011. There is a change that will impact many, that is the change of section 3 and section 36 to a higher price tier, those sections will see their prices go up to $500 for 2013 (they were $350 in 2011). The front row premium prices in those sections will jump to $1000 which is up from $750 or $500, and perhaps the most significant change in the 2013 structure.

more thoughts on the new pricing and a look back at the 2009 prices after the jump:

Front row premium seating has gone up for a lot of fans going into the 2013 season, sections 24,33, and 34 will see jumps to $750 for their front row seats, while oddly section 35 will see their front row premium jump to $1000. the same as sections 36-3 and more than section 22 the similar section on the West side of the stadium.

One pleasant surprise is the creation of a new price point in section 5, at $300 for season tickets, those same seats would have cost you $350 two years ago.

For the majority of STH the increase will be more moderate and reflective of the demand for RSL tickets, For fans with tickets in the yellow section, a $10 increase from the 2011 prices, a $15 dollar increase for the red sections from 2011.

Now before people go getting too upset about these prices, lets remember a couple of things:

Demand has never been higher, despite some struggles during the summer months RSL has been consistently selling out matches our season average home attendance is now at 18,897 and we have sold out our last 4 home matches. That average is better than 11 other teams in MLS, considering we are the smallest market that is fairly impressive and speaks to how hot of a commodity RSL is.

I spoke via text message with RSL President and he pointed out that the adjustments are being driven by both the sell through of tickets in those areas as well as the desirability of the sections

I always try to remember things like this in a bit of perspective:

When you look at the prices that RSL is asking for tickets in 2013, remember that when we moved to Rio Tinto Stadium things were a bit more pricey than they are today for the majority of people. Since then remember that RSL has put back to back 15 win seasons together, and just a single win (Saturday) away from becoming just the second team in the post shoot out era to do so three seasons in a row, the LA Galaxy will likely also hit that goal this season. We have also made it to 3 conference finals in the last 4 years and became the first MLS team to make it to the CONCACAF Champions League final.

Finally remember that RSL is one of the few teams that includes 20 tickets each year, so while other teams are selling tickets to things like Champions League and first round playoff matches, those are included with your RSL STH package.

I know that I for one will be renewing all four of my season tickets for the 2013 season, how about you?