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RSL SuperDraft History: 2009 to 2012

With tomorrow the day of the 2013 MLS SuperDraft, we take a walk down memory lane and look at the players we drafted from 2009 to 2012. Read about RSL's picks from 2005-2008

Jeff Zelevansky


Enzo Martinez, Round 1 (17)

Generation Adidas midfielder Enzo Martinez was a late decision for Real Salt Lake, who hadn't expected the promising young player to drop as far in the draft as he did. He's still yet to make an appearance for the club, but his promise is still there. Garth Lagerwey and Jason Kreis often call to attention the fact that Martinez didn't progress at the rate they'd expected, but near the end of the season, he'd started to show the much-vaunted promise. Current club: Real Salt Lake.

Diogo de Almeida, Round 2 (24)

Brazilian left back Diogo de Almeida came into Real Salt Lake's preseason camp as a player the club didn't expect much out of initially - he was one of those "for the future" types. When presented with a chance to sign Vancouver's first-round pick Chris Estridge, de Almeida was released . Current club: Unknown. Trained with FC Dallas, played in reserves.

Sebastian Velasquez, Round 3 (36)

Young Colombian Sebastian Velasquez is a bright, young attacking midfielder with an uncanny ability to keep the ball. His style of play is less academic and more street-wise - he's unconventional but creative, and during his nine appearances in 2012, he showed more promise than is typical for a fresh-out-of-junior-college player. Current club: Real Salt Lake.

Supplemental Draft

Andy Rose, Round 1 (6)

Real Salt Lake signed British midfielder Andy Rose and promptly traded him to Seattle Sounders in exchange for the rights to Leone Cruz. Rose went on to make 23 appearances (11 starts) for the Sounders in midfield, while Leone Cruz was released during the season. Current club: Seattle Sounders.

Emiliano Bonfigli, Round 2 (17)

Real Salt Lake has a history of signing effective Argentines, and there was hope that Emiliano Bonfigli could be another of those. His addition to the draft after playing with Manta FC in Ecuador came as MLS began including young foreign players in the draft. Bonfigli shone for Real Salt Lake's reserves but struggled to make an impact on the first team, and when it came time for a decision on his contract, he was released. Current club: Unattached.

Oliver Kupe, Round 2 (36)

There's not too much to be said for Kupe, who finished school before making a decision on joining Real Salt Lake. He opted for a vastly different career path, which I believe was accounting or something of that sort. Current club: Not involved in soccer.

Benjamin Ubierna, Round 3 (55)

Young Argentinian player Ubierna opted not to join the club, it seems. As the last selection in the draft, it probably didn't hurt Kreis and Lagerwey much. Current club: CD Universidad San Martin.


Jarad van Schaik, Round 3 (52)

van Schaik played for the University of Portland and the Portland Timbers U-23s, but didn't make it out of Real Salt Lake's preseason. Current club: Puerto Rico Islanders (NASL).

Supplemental Draft

Jeff Attinella, Round 1 (14)

Goalkeeper Jeff Attinella didn't immediately sign with Real Salt Lake after being drafted, and instead went off to Florida to bask in non-snowy sunlight. With Tampa Bay Rowdies, he found success - he was named to the 2012 NASL Best XI and secured a starting spot - and Real Salt Lake extended a contract offer to him. He signed it, and he's expected to play second fiddle to Nick Rimando. Current club: Real Salt Lake.

Drew Cost, Round 2 (32)

Cost didn't make it out of his first preseason with Real Salt Lake and went on to play for USL Pro's Rochester Rhinos. Current club: Rochester Rhinos.

Nick Love, Round 3 (50)

Nick Love was drafted late in the game by Real Salt Lake, but he didn't make it out of preseason. He appeared in at least on friendly for FC Tucson. Status: unknown.


Collen Warner, Round 1 (15)

Collen Warner was a promising midfielder with Real Salt Lake, and in 2011, he played a reasonably important role. But that abomination that is the expansion draft claimed him, and off to Montreal Impact he went - he played in 29 matches in 2012, and it's clear he's come some way since being drafted. Current club: Montreal Impact

Justin Davis, Round 2 (32)

Davis was our second round draft pick, but he didn't make the squad and was waived during preseason. He ended up signing with Minnesota Stars in the NASL, for whom he played against us in the US Open Cup during that rather miserable 3-1 loss. Current club: Minnesota Stars FC

Chris Schuler, Round 3 (39)

Those stories of late-round picks that end up real coups are fun, aren't they? Chris Schuler is one of those. Picked 39th in 2010, there's a very real chance he'll be holding down a starting role alongside Nat Borchers at Real Salt Lake in 2013. There's a lot to be said for the guy. Current club: Real Salt Lake

Kris Banghart, Round 4 (64)

Banghart, a defender, was released during preseason. Status: Coach at Fort Collins Football Club, which may also be known as Arsenal Colorado.


Jean Alexandre, Round 1 (12)

He has the honor of one particularly fine goal in 2011 and a player of the week nod for Real Salt Lake in 2011 - while playing as a forward instead of his usual position in defensive midfield. It often felt like Alexandre was a red card waiting to happen: Every match he played in, there was something reckless, it seemed. After three seasons, he was picked up by San Jose, where he saw little time on the pitch as the club turned its fortunes around. Current club: Unattached

Raphael Cox, Round 4 (54)

Cox played in only six matches for Real Salt Lake in 2009 and was waived during the 2010 preseason. He's found a more comfortable level for himself in the NASL, playing for Atlanta Silverbacks before moving over to Tampa Bay Rowdies. Current club: Tampa Bay Rowdies

Mfana Futhi Bhembe, Round 4 (57)

Bhembe, from Swaziland, was drafted at the age of 26 and released during preseason. Last played at Jomo Cosmos. Current club: Unknown.