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Toronto FC striker Joao Plata rumored to join Real Salt Lake

Ecuadorian media is reporting that Real Salt Lake is set to land Toronto FC striker Joao Plata in a one-year loan.


Update, 9:57 a.m.: It appears the first source of the rumors is the player's agent, Gustavo Lescovich. Whether this confirms the rumors or paints them in a more manipulative light is difficult to say definitively at this time. It also is difficult whether to say reports of a "loan" are accurate or are just a misunderstanding of the MLS system. is reporting alongside other Ecuadorian media that Toronto FC striker Joao Plata could be set to join Real Salt Lake on a one-year loan.

Plata, only 20, currently — or last — had his rights held by Toronto FC, but in July 2012, the player was sent on loan to the club Toronto obtained him from, LDU Quito in Ecuador.

Plata's goalscoring record with Toronto FC is weak at best, scoring only three regular season goals in 2011 (although one as a dire winner against Real Salt Lake) with the club and none in 2012. As part of what is likely the worst MLS side in recent memory, there may be some room for excuse, and the player himself is only 20.

Kurtis Larson, columnist for the Toronto Sun, reported on Twitter that "nothing has been approved by the league" and that the rumor is "speculation," but that Plata is not with Toronto FC at the moment.

With news set to come soon about Real Salt Lake's striker search, rumors of this nature are almost inevitably going to heat up. Whether there is any validity in this one — or whether it would even come to fruition — is difficult at best to say. Still, it's the first name truly floated around since the departure of Fabian Espindola at the end of 2012.