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Best Goals of 2012 #3: Will Johnson v. DC United, Sept. 1

Will Johnson's headed effort against DC United is in the mix at #3 in the top 10 goals from Real Salt Lake in 2012 — not for any particular display of skill, but for the quality of buildup.

The best goals are rarely solo efforts: Sure, you can have some great moments of individual brilliance, and they're certainly important, but when everyone on the pitch moves as a unit, as a whole - when it all comes together in a beautiful display of goalscoring magic - it's something much more meaningful.

This goal from former RSL midfielder (oh, the pain it incurs in me to say such a thing) Will Johnson against DC United has just that. From the throw-in to the cross inside for the goal, to the run and awareness that made it all possible, there's hardly a foot set wrong here. Sure, a couple passes simply didn't come off, but the responsiveness of the midfield to short rebounds from the DCU defense makes up for any of that.

It's one of those rare times in 2012 where everything just clicked. Will Johnson was invaluable in build-up play - whoever replaces him as a starter in the lineup will have their work cut out.