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Best Goals of 2012 #2: Kyle Beckerman v. Portland Timbers, March 31

Kyle Beckerman's late winner against Portland Timbers edges into second place in the top goals of 2012 ranking. This superb volley is worth watching over and over and over.

Three minutes of stoppage time, two gone; it looked like we'd just rescued a point from what should have been an easy match. A wave of arms, a quick glance, a cross, and Kyle Beckerman volleys the ball into the back of the net, and Real Salt Lake runs off with what only minutes earlier seemed an unlikely win. Beckerman's superb volley clocks in at number two on the top goals of 2012.

It was a remarkable comeback, though one might also argue that Real Salt Lake shouldn't have been in the position in the first place. But as ever, Beckerman stepped up his game and netted the late winner. In a campaign in which Real Salt Lake at times struggled to see goals coming from the midfield, it's particularly interesting to see goals of this sort - goals from midfielders making runs from deep.

Below, a great video from MLS breaking down this goal and how it came about.