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Best Goals of 2012 #1: Fabian Espindola v. LA Galaxy, Oct. 6

After getting sidelined by some substantial items of news, we turn back now the top goals countdown. It ends with this beautiful team goal finished by Fabian Espindola — and the celebration's not one to be missed, either.

I keep harping on the importance of team goals for Real Salt Lake. They are, I think, the best representation of what this side can do at its best. This one, finished by departed striker Fabian Espindola, illustrates the value of a good understanding. It was the goal that saw RSL level things before eventually going forward for a 2-1 win.

Jonny Steele's initial run, drawing the LA Galaxy right back wide, starts the move well, and by the time Javier Morales plays the ball up front to Espindola, they're on the back foot and struggling to recover. Espindola's got plenty of space when Saborio recovers the first attempted pass and plays in a second sumptuous through ball, and he makes no mistake when he puts the ball in at the near post past a struggling Josh Saunders.

This is the best of the best: Espindola and Saborio combine well up top, Javier Morales plays an inventive ball in, and Steele and Chris Wingert draw the opposition full backs well out of position - and the finish isn't half-bad, either. Oh, and that celebration - you knew that had to play a part, right?

For some added entertainment, here's Espindola's second goal, as well as a breakdown of this one by the crew.