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Player Ratings: Rimando injects top quality into 0-0 draw against Portland

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 9.5 Those weren't just important saves, those were extremely difficult saves that not just anybody could make. I don't know how Rimando doesn't win MLS Goalkeeper of the Year with so many incredible saves this year .

Nat Borchers - 7 Borchers had a very nice performance which left Portland with only four shots on goal at home. Borchers looked sharp and leader-like.

Chris Schuler -8.5 That was as good of a game as I may have ever seen Schuler play. He really dominated the back with his athleticism. His confidence really showed through with timely tackles and step-ins. With how much time he has missed, it is that much more impressive that he is now in such good form. He has rightfully earned back his starting spot. I think we should inject titanium into his feet now.

Lovel Palmer - 7.5 We were all a little shocked to see Palmer get the start over Beltran. Part of me thinks Kreis made this move for Plamer to tactically have an advantage on the night against his old team. Palmer showed very well and kept Nagbe at bay which is no small order.

Chris Wingert - 6.5 Wingert did well defensively, but I felt like his passing was a bit off. He couldn't seem to make a good connection from the back, but he put forth an effort second to none.

Kyle Beckerman - 6.5 The captain kept the ship on course throughout the night and set the tone for his team as always with a lot of intense play and determination. Beckerman took a shot or two that had little to no chance to go in, but he definitely helped secure that one point.

Ned Grabavoy - 6 I didn't see the spectacular performance I am used to seeing from Grabavoy. He fought as hard as anybody, but didn't seem to create chances for himself and others as he has done fairly consistently all season.

Yordany Alvarez - 5.5 Not a standout performance in my mind, although he did connect fairly well and break up some chances. Yordany is a fantastic option at defensive midfield and I am never worried when he goes on the field.

Luis Gil - 6 This was a great opportunity for Gil to shine and lead the offense in Morales' absence. Gill had a nice 90 minutes, but seemed unable to make that final pass to give the forwards a real chance at scoring. He was only a hair off. Close, but no assist or goal.

Robbie Findley - 6 Findley probably could have done a bit better with his decision-making when he had the ball in dangerous areas, but I am glad he tried to pull the trigger for himself a couple times.

Alvaro Saborio - 6 That was one of the quieter nights I have ever seen from Saborio. He put in a full day's work just holding the ball up, but no real chances for Sabo.


Joao Plata - 5.5 Plata may have had a quality chance or two if he was a bit bigger and could win the 50-50 balls. I really hope he resurrects his creative chemistry in the next game just in time for Playoffs.