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Player Ratings: Morales changes shape of game, defense generally solid in 2-1 win over Chivas USA

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 7.5 RImando came up with a big save early on when Chivas had a great opportunity to score and take control of the game almost catching RSL by surprise Luckily he prevented disaster and largely because of his save, RSL got the three points.

Nat Borchers - 7 Borchers showed a lot of grit and determination against Chivas. He made a couple of stops that were nothing short of impressive.

Chris Schuler - 8 I agree with Kreis in that Schuler looks better now than he did early on in the season. I would take it one step further, however, and say that Schuler looks better than ever. He is dominating at the moment and it is a good time to feel that confident.

Lovel Palmer - N/A I'm not sure how to provide a rating for someone who was in for about 8 minutes. Hopefully his injury isn't serious as he has been in great form lately.

Chris Wingert - 6 Wingert looked positionally sound as always and he was able to win a ball here and there that allowed RSL to maintain possession in the face of a determined Chivas team.

Kyle Beckerman - 5.5 Not a bad game, particularly in the second half. I did think that Beckerman was as flat as anyone in the first half and not pushing forward like he usually does, so not his best game ever, but definitely not his worst, especially defensively.

Ned Grabavoy - 6 A couple of nice chances around the box, unfortunately he was unable to finish and the ball got away from him a couple times. The fact that he looked dangerous is a good sign though.

Yordany Alvarez- 6 Maybe I am being a bit harsh on Alvarez, but I really think he needs to assert himself in the game a bit more. He was just as guilty as Beckerman when it comes to not pushing forward. Alvarez had a point blank header with which he probably could have done better, but he did get involved in that instance at least.

Luis Gil - 5.5 I remain a bit frustrated that Gil does not seize the opportunity at the top of the diamond when Morales is resting. The facts are undeniable: RSL scores at a much higher rate with Morales on the field than with Gil on the field. That may not be the fairest of criticisms since Morales is a seasoned veteran and a one-of-a-kind player. Then again, Gil is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind player as well.

Joao Plata 7 - A nice goal when the ball landed at his feet. No complaints there at all. He looked like the creative Plata that we saw over the summer run as well. That said, the ball got a way from him a couple times. Oh well, not a bad game at all.

Alvaro Saborio - 8 Saborio fought like hell to hold up the ball and for that alone he deserves credit. His PK goal was clinical as well. There was no chance that Melia was going to save it.


Robbie Findley - 6 I am enjoying the fact that Findley is taking more shots for himself and getting in front of the defenders more often. Now if he could just put one in the back of the net.

Tony Beltran - 8 Beltran had one of the best games I have ever seen him have. He won balls that were impossible to win, held possession in the face of multiple defenders, and made quality passes. I could go on, but he did have one mistake on Chivas' goal which was unfortunate because he was on track for a nearly perfect game. I think his benching might have woken him up a bit.

Javier Morales - 8.5 Morales changed the game in the second half, plain and simple. He brought creativity and energy to the team with his leadership and skill on the ball. He really is an incredible player.