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RSL in for changes, but fundamentals remain as important dates approach

Jonathan Daniel

The state of Real Salt Lake is an interesting one. Jason Kreis is off to New York City FC. C.J. Brown has left for Chicago Fire. The search for a head coach is underway, and there's a re-entry draft on Thursday.

If you asked me two years what the 2013-2014 offseason would look like, I wouldn't have ventured that it would look like this. Uncertainty is at a five-year high, and that's coming off the back of two finals.

It's been a remarkable season, and now, we've started an altogether remarkable offseason. The question we must turn to, then: Where do we go from here? Let's look at a timeframe of events to expect in the next few weeks.

Thursday, Dec. 12: MLS Re-Entry Draft, round one (1pm MST)
Monday, Dec. 16 - Friday, Dec. 20: Expected range for announcement of new head coach
Monday. Dec. 16 - Wednesday, Dec. 18: Real Salt Lake Pro Combine (fourth annual)
Wednesday, Dec. 18: MLS Re-Entry Draft, round two

Other things to look forward to include a new member of the coaching staff to replace C.J. Brown, and it still remains to be seen if any of Kreis's staff will be joining him in New York.

Few, if any, fundamentals about the club should change, so while the departure of Kreis will have a palpable impact, the club may well be poised to succeed under new leadership.